(before going unto the Father)

Prayer begets an awakened desire to be and do good. (MBE/NO9:20)
We must have less beg-getting and more begetting. (English/RKP)
We must have less begetting and more be-getting. (American/RKP)

Christ Jesus reassured his disciples that those who followed his advice, his teachings and demonstrations, could and would and should do greater works than he himself. Why, obviously because he was relying not on one Christ-principal or person, himself, but on the Christ-Principle or Science, as he said, is reflected by all who come into this world: he explained the utter consistency of living on Earth (in this cosmos) as necessary to understanding and demonstrating Truth for all mankind, as to merely being here - even as sunlight shines on all.

But we might properly ask what these greater works consist of, not merely what these works are, as there is no limit to the demands made on an infinitely good, God, save for what poor human thoughts will circumscribe. So, rather than run around the suggestions of bigger churches, bigger kingdom, bigger multitudes (or smaller fishes and loaves), longer dead, corrupter sicknesses, grosser crucifixions, more riotous sins and more notorious sinners, more complicated locks, more subtle powers, more aethereal forces, more communistic gentiles, or more zealotous Jews, or larger congregations of disciples (meaning students, and university administrations), or even more healings per day, or even more cities preached ... we might consider, what is, great.

Personal opinion, no, save, Jesus' opinion of, greater - he perceived something not seen publicly; he once chastized the people for merely desiring the miracles, the healings and the abundances. Jesus barely knew himself what was going on: why the people around him did not more readily recognize their common oneness with God, he was learning: he sometimes said plainly, don't tell anyone I'm the Christ: for how could that help anyone needing to find the very Christ that they already have more, right with themselves, near, at hand already, as Jesus himself had and proved, as he knew, and as he showed he did. His mission was exemplary, but he did not bring-to, so much as to point-out, the Christ ever present in human consciousness, which is right where it does its work, its efficacious and healing action. Then for Jesus to heal, meant, he was doing what he could, which is all anyone else might be doing themselves, save he reminded people to do it by their Christliness, as that is the better, safer, faster, surer way to accomplish all they have to do - he did recognize that much distinction between good and evil, as must we!

What think ye? the works of man? or, the works of God! Multiplying as men multiply, cannot be either the way or the outcome of the work of the Christ, as the Christ is present with one, and with the many. Jesus' requirement upon his disciples was to watch and do likewise, not to quibble over personal satisfaction with the Christ or with Earth living, or over the personal ability to be Christly, and the talkative disabilities and their attendant hierarchies and offices. Certainly as more yield to this opportunity, the greater works will be discerned among us more, but will yet need to know what they are consisting-of, what appeals to the reason as instantaneous in thought as well as in speech and action, what never reverses, what never fails, what ever expands without the subterfuge that measures aloud.

DANIEL said there [shall be] much running to and fro, and knowledge shall greatly increase. Jesus did not yet live in such a time: the morning star was a moving star, the solar eclipse, night-like minutes in the middle of the day, the Milky Way galaxy of stars (too close and numerous to be resolved into constellations) was a great dim dragon (red, in its low-luminosity, sense), the ocean was the Mediterranean Sea (literally, medi-terranean, middle of the Earth); the Persian Gulf known since the days of the garden of Eden is obscure in our current versions of the Bible - yet Jesus recognized the importance of DANIEL's words and prophecies: this was inherently the action of the Christ changing human thought into less ignorance about itself.

When the Pharisees put an end to Jesus' Earthly career, they did so by their own contrary methods: they intoned in essence the false claim that the Christliness Jesus saw, would lead nowhere, that it would never heal a chipped tooth - they said, kill him now, lest he live long and then be seen doing greater works himself, repairing bones and teeth and hair, and overcoming age-associated beliefs and even wrinkles (for which their wives would kill). Yet what Jesus discovered daily would eventually have such effect, and meet such needs, if we may even now call these needs: but that is exactly all these are, since there is no substance opposed to goodness, beauty, and greatness. And that is the essence of greatness, that it moves in spontaneous unfoldment, and cannot be overcome, and therefore we must have a lessening of mundanity by mundane means, and greatness must consist of remaining here, now, and not going to the Father, till greater be accomplished (here).

By list we may begin with some of the demands expected by prophets and examples of old: Solomon's navy was wise and grand on Earth, we must have a cosmic navy; Peter's resurrection must be found-out; longevity must be restored to centuries; Ezekiel's cosmic shepherd must find pasture on Earth; the LORD's house must be established in the mountain top; ....

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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