ANSWER EXTENDED: The early Sumerian and-contemporary Egyptian records reported most significantly on the first-sons, of the gods ...

The distinction, in meaning sons of God, or of men, is best hinted in Egyptian references to First Dynasty king Menes, or Narmer, known as the first, mortal, king of Egypt, -first though following several Abydos-region kings since Iry-Hor, Sekhen, and before them name-references back to Ny-Hor, Hathor, etc:- For nine centuries Adam and his sons were nominally immortal, -living, traveling,- though killable as Abel and whence they could be angry sons as became the 'myth' gods of later Akkadia, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and worldwide.... (SEE a full exposition, The Primogenitors: Biblical Egyptian Sumerian Jehovahns: The relation of the archaic Sumerians ca the 4th millennium BC to the lineage of Adam and Eve in the same area north of the Persian Gulf and then-concurrent development of civilization in Egypt ... cross-referencing their patriarch-gods and document records.)

But the answer remains, No, The Bible is not cross-referenced to the Sumerian, nor the Egyptian,- but sure looks like it should have been .... Careful examination and alignment of the Egyptian and Sumerian records ties the whole world to the Bible ... despite their placewise dialects.

QUESTION: Why did the gods have so much trouble among themselves and with mankind, if they were gods?

ANSWER: The question is, Where does man come from? soul? body? The answer is deeper, But on the surface, plainly, the production of bodies is an exponential process, within the abundance of resources, while the extraction of souls from the source is one-at-a-time: whence there is a perpetual mismatch ... as Mrs. Eddy estimated "there are a thousand million different human wills," inner perceptions of infinity:- an estimate of what the gods brought to Earth, six millennia ago ... something she knew could-not be seen, but could-be counted-on.

QUESTION: Why did the Sumerian and Egyptian gods drink beer, when it became their downfall, and it is now-so-obviously unclean?--

ANSWER: Probably multifold reasons stemming from before their arrival on Earth: Ptah, Ra, Tefen, Shw, and their wives probably slept alot aboard their space-city-ship, and that spoiled everything: They probably got used to it: Their mindset equal to it, didn't harm them: It didn't kill them in their early very-lonely condition and it had strong flavor, (modern Earthspace-orbit astronauts ask for spicier foods in space) ... it was likely not so spoiled as Earth-made beer as would give them more terrifying dreams, and the fermentation processes in weightlessness may slow down, and it was probably made of more than just barley ... It may have not been spoiled at all but a blend of fruit acids and vegetables that had a turned taste, as lemon juice, acidic, turns milk without spoiling it, but on Earth was easier-made artificially. We know that whatever space-city-ship they came-in, was not common knowledge thereafter,- yet someone or something had built it, and they knew to operate it .... Learning science is faster by doing each thing rightly and whence fast Scientists do not do the lazy sleepy spoiled things. That Science is an imperative, is something men must learn.

This should not go entirely unexplained, especially as Christian Science puts them back together properly: It is most likely that Seth suffered the higher mindset that could not tolerate beer-drinking, driving him mad or madder when he tried to keep up, -foolish that he did not detect it and stop,-- yet, in his mad distress he recognized that there was a higher sense of law and right that needed and could-be addressed by the individual: and by all individuals:- And whence he started a lineage inside his own, that would study to know itself by this higher law of right;-- whence he started the Biblical record ... but at the same time, his sense of lawful protection included a lot of misleading statements ... Yet it is also possible that he included necessary detail, and sufficient fitting, to recover the original record, and, discount lies that might spawn from a looser interpretation:- that which he most despised in the Sumerian attitude .... In ways, Seth was more like Cain than Cain himself: Seth too, knew there was something behind and above the gods themselves, something achievable: something not-achievable by disobedience; and whence developed his Biblical sense of, Touch not the unclean thing, Having but one God, not among many gods, One Principle, Not just a, Principal ... Seth was an arguer, hoping for the best: An attitude, turning in every direction: looking for the right one;- advancing vexedly.)

Ultimately it may narrow down to one specific, that, primitive space-travel is one-dimensional, here to there; Ptah was equal to his cargo and path: Either he arrived or he begat another who did ... thinking of nothing more and nothing less ... one of hundreds traveling in all directions: Materially conservative, economically mulling, a lineage of belief believing belief floating the level, lived, followed, demonstrated, reproduced.

QUESTION: If, as-asserted, "the concept of one God was never jeopardized by the Jehovahns," what idea have we of whom the Jehovahns worshipped as God,- meaning not any one of their elders -like Ra- but a divine Principle or Spirit, Intelligence, Creator or all-creative Mind?

ANSWER: Little record appears for any formal worship, but a few records of troubled times indicate a mindset much like the modern Christian Scientists: Complete confidence in the abiding Principle, Life, and a willingness to see each other succeed in the demonstration of immortality: friendlier than later human scriptures about them ... Thoth appears to have been into spiritualizing thought about the body (this came out in his incantations during Horus' suffering by insect sting); Similarly, during Ra's suffering a serpent bite, Isis appears to have insisted Ra tell her his 'secret name': which is to say that Ra himself express and affirm his true identity, his name or spiritual power (as Mrs. Eddy equates), and Isis would work with him mentally .... While that record gave us no clue but a type, as to Ra's secret name, Another article, on Seth under duress, clearly early-precursors Christian Science:--

A story goes that Seth and Horus were in a boat when Seth is bitten by a snake crawled aboard; Horus spieling the Practitioner, adjures Seth declare the scientific truth about himself: inculcating that his identity was more than just human reputation of deeds and had scientific power ... Encouraged, Seth struggles to tell, and thereby we see his mindset yielding to truth: He tries a few variants, declaring his life itself as immortal, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but Horus dismisses such doubtful mental rehearsal, demanding revelation: Seth trudges through concepts, acknowledging his gratitude for the supply and abundance of good, as being 'the threshing floor' (loaded-upon with good) or the fully nurtured babe (filled-within with good), yet Horus persists that Seth do better than vain repetition, until Seth utters what both then perceive as his secret name, his essential power of truth over error: Seth declares that evil mimics good, that as for the day of evil there is no birth nor birth process:-- recognizing therefor that there can be no death nor death process: he individually, and they collectively both, were one with the living Principle since before and therefor ever after human experience: perceiving himself as God's own ... Horus thought that convincing: Seth was healed.

While we use-not such heavy-on-the-analogy thinking in Christian Science, and historical Seth and Horus were more adversarial antagonists than Practitioners of Science, and there were few godlike patients in those days, it was nevertheless a primitive type, and the first concept the Sunday School Pupil gains of the mental healing action. That it should have come by Seth, the legal behinder, so-maligned by his older sister Awan Isis for being the Sumerian-side great-great-grandfather of Seth-an Satan, and singular patriarch there after the Rebellion in the East, is both amusing and the probable reason Christ Jesus and Christian Science have received the pejorative aspersions of the ages, and why Mrs. Eddy used a courtroom analogy for healing showing that before the court of error, matter or humanity, there was little hope for the reputation of man, but as soon as appealed to the court of Spirit, the hope is revived and e'er the verdict won: man is free to enter the realm of holy perfection. (And, Let the neophyte be alert to one of the methods of erroneous healing: Vain repetitions and written formulae were dispelled with a singular phrase, "No, you are not," meaning not a rebuttal of truth but a focus not on personal perception but on the specific human misconception or mis-conviction needing clearing-up, till healed.)

QUESTION: Elijah's challenge to the priests of Baal, to see whose offering would be set afire by their choice of Lord, How is this a true story...? (I KINGS:18)

ANSWER: This is one of those stories that teachers like to leave students to think about ... However, Truth is better understood than conjectured, so, we'll provide the following answer:

Animal fat melts at about body temperature, And given that they were midst a dry spell and famine, it was probably late summer and the air temperature hot, and the sky sunny hot. And Elijah cut up his bullock on his altar early in the day and had water poured over it, several times, to fill a trench: It was likely that as fat melted and washed off to the trench, exposing more and floating on the water, that, when he used probably a flint spark to ignite it, it went up in flames that started the wood kindling and consumed his offering. That he then slew hundreds of priests of Baal was more a gruesome detail, and we'd ponder whether he was so bloodthirsty, but it made a memorable story, And more pointedly of the fact that their Baal Marduk had been the-mad-scientist-wargod who'd killed the-great-mother-god and the priests of Baal should have been more up on their science, and were probably outlawed on the land since the time Noah had divided the lands and Baal Marduk and others had removed.

QUESTION: Without rehearsing all that Rev. Eddy said about Jesus Himself, and his teachings and healings and demonstrations, How could she separate herself from His existential history, when she answered a challenge: "... If there had never existed such a person as the Galilean Prophet, it would make no difference to me...." (MY317-19 excerpt) She was attacking agnosticism, disbelief in Principle's control over all its manifestion, and her questioner equated discernment of Principle, to the discerner's ability; thinking of that discerner as a blinded sinner who could only be saved and lead away from worse were he willing to be so, not taught a revealed Science....

ANSWER: The story of Christ Jesus is, or in living it out was, a compound of the best training in (Christian) Science he had, filtered to parable and public discussion suitable for the era -and- a stage of miracles setup by his 'wisemen' handlers. Publication of a then-new Science had to begin with their people, and he, was both trained for high visibility and cooperative with their extraordinary method of prophecy-fulfillment. Rev. Eddy also said there would be no more prophecies fulfilled in our era: She did not believe her discovery and teaching hinged on any publicity-handlers, though she did hint at the subtler ways of mortal thought taking form in our era, that Practitioners would handle.... That, Jesus' history was such a blend of fact and fiction, even as he was the winebibber consuming grape and spoil, did not prevent her, from discerning, as each student should, the necessary truth to heal, -where humanly possible:- She was not expecting her students to assume faith in his history, but in what Truth she taught as a complete body of revealed Science: a completeness that needed no mixture: no longer of the cup he'd drunk; That, his original teaching was done on their 'stage', does not mean students should repeat that staging, but do what was taught them to be done.... Christian Science was revealed to Mrs. Eddy in the Scripture of the history of the greatest demonstration ever set in whole before mankind: Its efficacy is found in study and application, not preaching an extraction of condensation.... But, She did miss history's mark in that statement: To suppose that the wisemen to the gods had so munged-up their great plot that they would have then drylabbed the result, is a bit inconceivable. And until the student of the advanced future can accomplish Jesus' feats of walking on water and through walls, it is better to not insert a single fiction that suggests he caused the water to freeze under his feet, or he'd mastered the nothingness of matter, as some teachers are wont-to ... especially when plausible answers are immediately available to the student, that accomplish no worse than to get the student to be discerning. Christian Science is not a different, human, explanation, it is the Truth; and nothing less than the Truth of Christian Science, should be taught....

QUESTION: How does the recent [2012] discovery of significant paleozoology on Mars sit with our Bible and Egyptian and Sumerian records?

ANSWER: That is, for so many reasons, a very large question: The essential question is the relation of Adam and Eve to their own parents fully discussed and chronologically corrected in The Archaic Primogenitors, Biblical Egyptian Sumerian Jehovahns; And at this time of writing there are no historical dates applicable to the collapse of the atmosphere on Mars... What is, understood, already, in contemporary astrophysics and astrobiology, is that planet Mars had formed on the edge of the snowline/frostline/ice line, the erstwhile orbital distance in the early solar nebula where ice and vapor were at equilibrium freezing and subliming such that Mars became a sub-mini-gas-planet (a notion recently discovered in astronomy of distant stars) and it was -obviously, now- sufficient for significant life in its time... Nevertheless, or not-yet-the-more, we don't have obvious records that Ptah and Ra-Amwn et al were on, Mars, or skipped-past, or also-landed there, but, we are close enough to suppose their peoples, were, there also, and efficaciously examine the planetary evidences further for that possibility... What we find there will upset most the anthropology of today that assumes that mankind had evolved on Earth in 9 million years according to theories of "natural selection" but, which Christian Science always recognized as "dialectical materialism" (the talking in 'violent' terms as if such were the cause of genetical evolution: from non intelligence to intelligence), whereas now we're handed the empirical evidence that man and dinosaur lived together one-planet-over, maybe not happily, and 'took their own sweet time' perhaps billions-of-years, to evolve... Said article on our primogenitors well-established that the gods, the super-longevity-man-kind, were a real first-family; If they did indeed come directly from Mars, they may have been eons in getting here or, maybe mere years--whatever their spacer transport technologies may have provided.... And, they may have been involved with planet-Earth's geological and paleontological history in preparation for their relocation from Mars, (Perhaps the gap-of-nine great-seniors stayed)....

QUESTION: Where was Moses' Exodus Red Reed Sea crossing and what was the rare tidal action Moses knew that caused the waters to recede?

ANSWER: The challenge for scholars has, for millennia, been, to find a place where the waters could have set-down and they could've crossed; Prominent theories have included the Suez itself with alternate names for places, the Straits of Tiran southern Gulf of Aqaba, best fit, or some place far north end of the Aqaba which elsewhere is too deep.... It was not likely a convenient small asteroid strike, nor earthquake, nor volcano, as generate brief tsunami withdrawals, and too rarely to study for their timing; Some scholars have suggested a mid-land route and assumed Moses' messengers were tricking Pharaoh; indeed the Tiran route is today too deep even for extreme tides; But Moses was waiting for some-reason... So, to just-dip-not-wallow in the waters-of-error, we offer what we do-know, that may lead to an exacting answer.... The Hebrews and Jews were not known for outright deception except in case of quelling a deadly adversary, but were-given to things non-obvious, magic of sorts, So, we may suppose, Moses knew of a rarer-than-yearly tide at a super-full-moon, below summer solstice, day-and-night tides driving the length of the Red Sea in-and-out of both, gulfs, and with a torch of cloud-defined moonbeam pillars illumining wind-whipped sea mist, may have looked just-right, something to build the suspense and allow ample time to cross and surprise the Egyptians when the sun and moon changed places in the morning and returned the Gulf of Aden tide to feed the mouth of the Red Sea, and two hours for that to reach the gulfs whichever and wherever in either gulf... But to explain missing facts, we might resort to their larger-than-life construction-mindset and suppose Moses' B-unit had built a pontoon-bridge at Tiran (and if needed for faster return of Red Sea waters maybe a nearby landslide), covered with sand for walking cattle; All they had-to-do was lose the Egyptians off a leaky bridge, into the real-depths of the Aqaba... It doesn't sound so fantastic this way, but effectual for convincing the simple-historian-literalists of their era, and maybe ours today, and, it was like the Egyptian-famed gods-Seth-vs-Horus stone-boat-race, or even like the Egyptian-famed sinking of Atlantis under the Philistine Canaanites; this time it was the Canaanite Hyksos Pharaoh of northern lower Egypt, and his army oppressing the Hebrews-to-be-Jews... Prince Moses had separated them first by who, knew, the name, of Abraham....

[continuation (tbd)]

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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