QUESTION: How accurate is the early Bible timeline? Can the end-of-time be calculated from reading the recorded years? Did Adam really live 930 years?

ANSWER: The development of an accurate timeline for the Bible has been of interest for millennia itself: The Bible timeline is at best a reconstruction of records, translations, correlations: Discrepancies therein have been resolved many times, over thousands of years -- not all the translations were done by modern scholars. Pedantics gets the enquirer nowhere when reading the Bible directly: It takes some understanding of what they were talking-about: as it also took some understanding of the scholars who translated it in the first place (for you to read) and much understanding of the scribes who recorded it ages ago: They were not absolutely certain that 930 years meant years, but they translated to that as that seemed the best choice: It could not have been months, as that left no time to grow up to bear children; but they did ponder whether there was some other earlier form of time measure, such as harvest seasons, as are reasonable for agricultural societies and occur a few times a year depending on types of crops, or such as, planet Mercury, 116 days, as might have been used because it was first found usable for yearscale when they were new to the planet Earth and had not learned seasons yet. God is Wisdom,- and when Wisdom saith stop using that old method, they all agreed: It is wise! [930 seasons might be 465 years; 930 Mercury cycles might be 295 years]

Where the Bible reports that Terah at 70, begat Abraham, Nahor and Haran, scholarly commentary on the Bible, published even two centuries ago, finds years easily numbered until the reader gets to Abra[ha]m, reordered and that Abram was the youngest of Terah and listed first for his [Abraham's] ultimate heir-prominence: And 70 years then apply to Haran, the eldest: And 130 years is back-counted from when Abram exited with his nephew Lot. Straight readings of years exhibit pedantics there: But, if pedantic, then the straight reader must thereby deduce Abra[ha]m to be tripleted with Nahor and Haran, in plainly repeating the verbage, and as must be relevant to the times and dates of the Bible timeline. But, recall that Haran died before Terah: Therefore, Haran was not, principal heir:- This must reconcile: And this confirms the scholars' better explanation of Abraham as the younger, though ultimately prominent, brother.

The Jewish calendar, by scholars who've worked through the same Bible wording and compared original manuscripts, puts the first date as 3761 BCE; But that does not include Adam's years before he arrived on Earth, as the reading is, Jehovah formed Adam of the clay: meaning he already existed extraterrestrially -- plausibly 2 years, not 9 months; First and last years recounted are usually not, full years: Age in years was not determined from the birth-month, as that was not listed -- Thus allow for one or two years per step through the geneology: To say that Terah was 70 when he begat, may be 68+: eg. born December, an event in January, the second year, is but days later. And the Bible itself includes a very similar list of the lineage of Cain, leaving scholars guessing as to who, actually begat, whom.

The recounting of geneologies is of little importance to mankind: It was of interest to get a perspective of the Biblical span, and no more: A President could not count on when any prophecy might actually be fulfilled, not even if millions of voters claimed it was so. The age of the Earth is certainly more like 2.5 billion years (the estimated 4.5 billion is likely a mistake as the rate of radiodecay of uranium etc., was likely not the same "constant" when the universe was much smaller per the theory of expansion) -- certainly not 4004 from one estimate of the beginning of the Bible timeline: The seven days of creation are typicals, day-types, in an early sequential recounting of the development of this planet: redacting major improvements in reasonable order, not insects.

The schedule produced by project 'lambhorn' is an astronomical millennial clock discerned by Daniel, and separately by St. John with very different observations, yet keenly aligned! We estimate 3670 BC as the beginning, which would be somewhere within Adam's timeline: maybe when he became (matured as) the first, man, or when the lineaging process began with Seth, at Adam's 130 years -- another piece of early realism to resolve. The Daniel millennial clock though is interesting of itself: It aligns well with subsequent astronomical events as 'lambhorn' delineates: which makes it more cogent as to what drives human thought to science.

Project 'lambhorn' is about re-discovery of far more fundamental calculations, informations, understandings, gone since ancient scholars, that today can only be called Science: or Science itself were not worthy. And it is the larger discoveries of 'lambhorn' that confirm the Bible timeline: Readings do not confirm: Readings do not give understanding. Daniel said, I understood by books ... and Daniel was skilled in mathematics and sciences! We prove that Daniel was so skilled, and therefore, thereby we know what he had more to share. Today a degree in the mathematics and sciences, confirms, understands, Bible Truth -- whence early Christian Scientists "lisped in numbers". And, there are far more accurate registrations, many of which project 'lambhorn' has recently discovered, which confirm the understanding better than any reading .... "Strengthen the feeble knees", is the work of confirmation, of under-stand-ing, not readings.

There is a fundamental importance, as 'lambhorn' describes, to living the practicable possible Christ: Adam lived 930 years: You can forget any end-of-the-world end-of-time date sooner than the doctors' 120, as Godly!- Come out from among them, and be separate: Put-off the old man (the alcoholic, the cheeser) ... is the dictum of the Scriptures: the call of the Wise: the Christ, Science. The times and dates given by project 'lambhorn' are goods of the mathematics and sciences. That Adam lived 930 years -realistically,- is accurate enough to tell us that he was different from the ordinary mankind ... that there is, a longer longevity possible, achievable, and that is not just the next eleven-year solar cycle.

QUESTION: Does the Bible really say Daniel was skilled in mathematics and science -- by any particular version or translation? DANIEL writes: "As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams." (DAN1:17) "Yea, whiles I was speaking in prayer, even the man Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the beginning, being caused to fly swiftly, touched me about the time of the evening oblation. And he informed me, and talked with me, and said, O Daniel, I am now come forth to give thee skill and understanding." (DAN9:22)

ANSWER: "All learning and wisdom ... skill and understanding", includes the sciences and arithmetics of their day; the Chaldean computations of the Saros cycles of solar eclipses; the larger business arithmetics; the basics;... as also project 'lambhorn' proves by articulate deduction. And the reference to DAN9:22 is rather specific wisdom and understanding, in response to Daniel's deep prayers and supplications; confessions (discriminations) of erroneous acts by the Hebrew congregations.

The versions are all fairly similar (including the Catholic, Jerusalem Bible). Daniel and the three Hebrew boys were neither dullards nor inebriates: "... Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king's meat, nor with the wine" (DAN1:8), which Christ Jesus explained, meant he did not ask for the meat and wine; Nor were they preferrers in dreams, though Daniel was specially known for his ability to detect and discern dreams or memories.

Science, is specified: "And the king spake ... of the children of Israel, ... Children in whom was no blemish, but well favoured, and skilful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king's palace ... And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king inquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers ..." (DAN1:4,20/KJV) The astrologer's astronomy (computing positions of planets, for accurate prediction) was significant mathematics beyond arithmetic, subjected (lest they lose their heads) to the king's rulership of plans and planets. The latter lesson King Nebuchadnezzar learned in reverse: Not himself alone but the Heavens do, reveal, the rule. And DANIEL better than lisped, in numbers.

Skillful, favoured, all wisdom, cunning, knowledge, understanding, science, ability, standing, undefiled, unintoxicated, ten-times-better,... are requirements in reading the writings of, Daniel: School children reading Daniel, feel encouraged in their studies, to excel, to be free of error, to be better than chatters and tricksters: to see: Chaldean magic and astrology attached their own humanity to ratiocination, a fundamentally mathematical method of discovery, repetition, skill.

Academics of the right sort are prerequisite to the understanding of Biblical prophecy, meanings, intents, purposes: God is, Mind. And I will recommend nothing less than meeting such prerequisites, while proceeding in the new course: And as David put-off the heavy armour, the mechanical calculation: I recommend mathematics.

QUESTION: When the scribes and Pharisees brought a woman taken in the act of adultery, to Jesus teaching in the temple, he didn't answer immediately, but wrote on the ground as if he'd not heard them: What did he write? Is there a clue, or an insight? Some say it was a list of libel; others suggest he wrote the famous mene-mene of Daniel. (John8)

ANSWER: The writing on the floor, you suggest ... Jesus did act in humorous ways at times. It is historic that nobody knew what he wrote;- though disciples were with him, they were mostly not educated to read (St. John, believed to have been of the priesthood, might be one exception). And likewise the gospels themselves were written, -likely by convert-scribes in their service.

I would suppose that Jesus did as he perceived right to do in the temple:-- I would not expect he'd retaliate by writing a list of their sins in lieu of speaking them: It is interesting to compare, that when Zacharias had learned in the temple while burning the priests' incense, that his wife was to have a baby, his silence when he came out, may have been for the same reason: something to not be spoken in the temple, where worship is of God only;- and he would not even relate that that had happened, until much later.

Whatever Jesus wrote, was either of no consequence, -I'll answer that momentarily,- or a secret to never divulge. The latter seems unlikely, while the former may have been something simpler, that was unrecognized,- or an unusual proof that he himself knew how to write (It had been at times marveled that he could read without having been formally taught: But there is some question of what he learned as a child in Egypt) ... perhap he was counting as scribes counted in clay, but Jesus emphasized that without the water, the clay was merely dust ... as he othertime said, ye (the man of dust) must be born again of the water, and of the spirit: a holistic view on his spiritual basis, not on their shadowy material basis:-- Even for the objects they knew, Jesus gave the spiritual meaning, continually, insistently ...

Perhap he was counting, as to-ten: for what he did next, was something of an outburst (which was not uncommon with him in the temple, as when another time he overthrew their money-exchange tables, there): He went absolute with them, and they didn't understand at all when he related Abraham having seen his day; instead mocking him over the obvious disparity in age and millennia,-- perhap it was habitual to mock, as practiced skeptics runout of reason to speak, rather than try to understand when other people spoke in general: They counted themselves as teachers; and he was counting in the dust on the floor.-- That does seem like a mockery but more deliberately saying that words put in matter would dissipate as dust in the rain and wind, but truths that should be taught in the temple, shall never.

QUESTION: Where is Mount Ararat? Common-theory puts Eden near Lake Van in the mountains feeding streams at the northern end of the Hiddekel (Tigris) and Euphrates Rivers; and purportedly where they spoke a different language. Where did Noah's Ark find dry land? How deep was the flood?

ANSWER: The actual answer, many scholars agree, is the south end where the -real- Tigris and Euphrates meet: where these are full-size rivers, not feeder streams,- and the Pison/Pishon (Wadi Batin) and Gihon (Karun, Khaneh riverbed) meet-- real though dry in our geological era: That's where Adam and Eve started their garden and lineage; That's where the children of Noah began; That's where animals had no chance of making it through the flood: on the low flatland Arabian steppe, where, had he not known or did not tell, Jehovah's space-city-ship had impacted the landscape, crazing the underground substrata to the water table: Mild rainwaters had gushed-up before in his rich-man's-own private garden. Even linguistically, riverheads, were where, river-mouths, spewed forth (Rivers were a reverse order in cyclic-life).

(Note: Rivers were also the reverse order of seas: Seas were-not reverse order: inland seas were tongues from the mouth of the larger sea.)

Reasoning aright we perceive that in Noah's case of extreme rain, he could see far across the flat land steppe: He knew what would happen: worthy thinkers were not mere predictors but far-seers: Noah foresaw that prolonged rain on the far-stretching steppe would mean local flooding, of a very long duration ... That it was coming and foretold, indicates the rain was likely due to a shift in the monsoon from its more usual deluge on southern Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, up to the north ... It would have included significant changes in the prevailing winds (as flat desert has), easy for Noah to recognize as a larger-than-usual trouble coming. Water-flow on a steppe is slow, dragged by its shallowness and lifting sand: It'd take months to begin, a week or month to arrive, lasting the monsoon months; months more for it to subside-- (and fifteen cubits draft was only 25 feet at its deepest: Compare the whole Persian Gulf, averages about 100 feet deep, to its deep end about 300 feet).

(Note. There are historical references to an astronomically close supernova in this era: A small Type Ia nova at 9-light-year distance deposits 0.03-gram-per-square-meter of microscopically fine dust, ideal for drawing-up exceptional amounts of moisture from a hemisphere of oceans when it arrives, some centuries later, producing a month of global deluge such as recorded. The technical details of novae allow for traceless disappearance of its original carbon-star, a Saturn-like ring, and the arrival of its wavefront spread over mere months:-- the wavefront arriving, appearing edge-on as a dawning horizon, possibly of rainbowlike colors lit by our sun, amid the night sky, as it envelopes Earth: giving a very wise old man like Noah maybe a year insight that the extraordinarily lasting rainbow is about to result in extraordinary lasting rains ... and may also account for two such floods 185 years apart, from the silicon dust then the iron dust, from the nova 445 years earlier ca Adam 675.)

(Subnote. That much dust should have also lighted the night sky to at-least sweltering warm, for months until it triggered the global rainstorm.)

Forewarned he built his ark; And entered. Local rains fell: Underground fissures promptly overflowed water ... soon Arabian subcontinental steppe sand saturated and drained to the low Persian Gulf; But with no deep rivers, but hundreds of flat rocky miles of desert, waters flowed surely, slowly piling into Ur ... days, weeks, months, covering even local hills (dunes), none more than 25 feet high; That, the first day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, was because the substrata crazed since Jehovah, subduced water.

And Noah's family stayed in the safety of his ark, with all his animals for repopulation; minor consolation but as that was the kind of big-thinker Noah was: systematic, thorough, he took pets, farm animals, rabbits from his garden; they'd need decades to repopulate the land, but it kept his family busy caring, thinking on that which was good, floating upon the slow down-steppe tide, to the Persian Gulf, and out ... in the Gulf for many months: It may seem silly but, flooded land wouldn't be ready for planting until it dried-out; and there would be no crop till months later: and, he would not know where the best soil was, till things grew, again.

Eventually the water subsided; his ark ran aground upon the mounds of Ararat, Har Arat, a floodwater-covered shoal till three months later the draft fell to bare its tops and that island reappeared (cf jazirat, island, surrounded by water; jazeerah, peninsula, partially surrounded); But it is even possible that the flow of water from the west had caught and pushed his ark north from the Gulf, and he never left his shallow 25-foot-deep garden-crater miles across and many miles long, and his dove found an olive leaf from his own garden ... (Olive trees are tall at 25 feet).

How far did he go?- Daily inches to feet of rain, across hundreds of miles of Arabian steppe west and north, forty days,- flowing several feet deep within a few days to the Gulf, eventually floating the ark out of his garden-crater maybe fifty miles and over the delta north end, where the depth could swallow all the land could not. Prevailing west winds, or sometimes east, and the centrifugal moment of outflow eddy current in the Euphrates pushed him miles toward shore but in shallows where he might not see shore till the ark touched down, -as the yearly seasonal sun tide lowered the gulf so slowly, he thought the water was going down.

And his descendants resumed living, and leaving from there; The Hebrews were not mountain people.

Basically the flood was Noah's own flood, -lessons he would to learn,- and he reported on watching the demise of those commoners around.

(Additional note: Noah's father Lamech passed five years before the flood; his grandfather Methuselah passed in the very year of the flood.)

(Additional note: Estimates of sea level over millennia indicate the gulf was 30 feet lower in Noah's era, -on the rise,- and the shoreline many miles south,- and Har Arat may even be a seamount underwater today.)

(Extra note: The Sumerian Gilgamesh epic-fable mentions the flood, so citing it ca third millennium BC.)

QUESTION: Are 'gay's a problem in Christian Science churches?-- We read about them infiltrating the Christian denominations ...

ANSWER: Again, Christian Science, is the Science of the Christ,- for, all, denominations; not a denomination itself ... Just how this will come about and be recognized, hangs on a slow human sense of progress, the human-Christian compounding an almost hors-d' Christ agreement with human errors of sense:

Anybody who drinks beer, wine etc. is 'gay' (smiling, frown-smiling, calling it, "bad");- though that does not diminish the condition specially called gay. Early-century Jews were borderline: Christ Jesus drank wine because as guest in the homes of rich people who drank wine it was good etiquette;- and chided his disciples to complain not for what they were served or who served them: warning them only to not ask for it, for the words coming from the mouth defile the man; not the wine going into the mouth, though poison they would yet live if they religiously-undefiledly did not ask for it ... Jesus was forgiving of sinners who re-pent-ed, but his last words on the subject, to his disciples, were that he, would not drink of that cup again till together they drink it new (fresh) in the Kingdom of Heaven ... So today, we can drink premium grape juice (Zinfandel Blanc,... unspoiled, bottled fresh) and know, That it is what he meant, when he spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven, the established fresh air, and fresh water and food -in the domain- thereof. But it's up to each to become Christian following the Christ the way he said he was going to do today. Whence common so-called, Christians, repeated the errors of his disciples, rather than following Christ in doing what he said he would do with his disciples not 'gay's. 'Gay' is but mocking ridicule of Christiankind; Each century has had a gay era, typically the '90's decade, then returned to war and killing claiming 'adultery' caused by quitting. (Biblical references to Sodom indicate most of them married but had no respect for women [nor men],- using wives as house-help and baby-makers, not conjugal-sisters.) Legal ground commonly focused on reciprocal benefits, home-help stuff applicable to non-married-live-ins (male-female) insufficient of legality ... likewise gay-Bills where-they-were-gay were insufficient,- sort of a "second-companying".

Not the death of the human sense of body, but of a mistaken sense, of human body: the human will be the last to vanish, long after the errors of sense and sense of error; when man will act only as Mind directs, -spontaneously, unerringly,- because his thoughts will be full thereof and without spot, and the errors of the first limits reverse to the pretruth, the Truth that was, always, before the Adamic waking-dream. Waking-up is neither imitated nor reproduced nor going back to sleep and trying again ... We cannot chide children, for unfeigned joy, happiness, laughter,- and man never was gay, and never will be on a path to holiness and harmony; whence merging paths are not gay, when proved as close as the man.

QUESTION: What is the relation of the archaic Sumerians of the 4th millennium BC to the lineage of Adam and Eve whom project 'lambhorn' locates in the same area north of the Persian Gulf? Is the Bible cross-referenced to Sumerian documents?

ANSWER: Scholars have dated the Sumerians to ca 3100 BC, before Jared begat Enoch by 'lambhorn' reckoning, after by Jewish calendar reckoning, after Methuselah begat Lamech by scholars dating Adam as beginning that millennium, at-least seven-and-a-half centuries before Noah's flood, late in the era of Bible name parallels in Seth's and Cain's lineages, not yet found in Sumerian records; not exactly.

(Language scholars do find the Sumerian word, Edin, meant fertile plain, and that it derived from the local Akkadian-Ubaidan centuries older.)

Project 'lambhorn' articles put Jehovah, Adam, and Eve, at the Pison river north bend (Wadi Batin, today) northwest of the Persian Gulf; And Cain, and the land of Nod, east of the river confluence, as close as the Euphrates marshland;- So, till Noah's flood in that region, Sumer was the mixed lineage-deltages of Adam and Cain plus the local mankind settled there, and mercantile travelers.... But, one article also estimates Cain as Jehovah's little go-getter first grandson who had heard what spacer living was about:

The Sumerians exhibited characteristics suggesting possibly direct knowledge of a Jehovahn-smart mindset like Cain's: Sumerians were city-builders, and came-with or invented a cuneiform written language evidently prior and superior to Akkadian cuneiform that succeeded it and by which scholars reconstructed it. But the Bible indicates two kinds of persons mixing in the region: The sons of God, may have been educators who, the daughters of men, they wived, and probably therefor the sons of men they taught, -paid- .... But which raises a point:--

Cuneiform, was a lot of work, for apparently intelligent, spacer-origin, society .... And no-joke-intended, saying, spacer-origin: Their -(known)- speech didn't use voicing for letters, b, d, g, but unaspiration [SIC], the constriction at the vocal chords, compared to p, t, k, the constriction at the consonant itself;-- ie. clearly heard in a whisper, that meant its origin was indoors or with near-absolute intolerance of loud sounds ....

By making cuneiform so simple yet tedious, the sons of God kept the sons of men relegated to gradually learning uniformity: It was probably the-planet-of-the-mankind, for spacers. (Even one local name for Sumer, Emegir, may mean Summer Resort; or root for imagi'ne.) But then, there is the possibility that cuneiform is the Jehovahn spacer font approximated by their clay-writing implements: Though called a wedge it is apparently tailed-triangular which allows point, line, angle, staple, trigon, whole ... at least a font subset ... something for scholars to research: Although Adam began without highly technical support, he had years of upbringing, and technical evidences may have appeared at times.

Also, Sumerian is deemed a language isolate and themselves untraceable, yet they were prolific builders:- indoorsians ... Whence we infer, Sumerians included Adam's deltage, and maybe other or later siblings;- And, being "dumped" on Earth, they did just as they were given to: given their spacer education, given their high technology, to being replaced by clay ... they made fun, building Earth with a future-now, high technology ... till their attitude became recalcitrant, contentious, unruly, wicked, wild, evil, mad (which sounds like the Cain-justice scenario).

Further distinction may also be drawn that the sons of God were nine generations all alive together, Adam to Lamech, (plus any Jehovahns, ten generations), while the sons of men were the shorter-lived mankind made in the same image and likeness of Adam's lineage.... The later senior Jehovahn decision or prediction in flooding the land, assuming Noah was directly told and didn't just figure it on Godly interpretation of the night sky and shiftings of the southern monsoon, is one of the strong teachings in the Bible that the Godly are not to defile themselves by ungodly speech and action;- that death is not the end of sin but severest punishment ... Jehovahn concepts of life seem less-than-absolutely concerned for the life of mankind, -as though mortality were a phase of living thought, high tech in low gear,- though, in subsequent millennia they did use softer approach, eg. confounding the language of the people at Babel.

Additional traces on Cain's deltage suggest a perpetuation of violence, cf Lamech's inditement for seventy-sevenfold of Cain's avengeance, and wandering albeit Cain settled long enough to start cities named, Enoch. Cain may have followed the Gihon (Karun) river up the ridge, or the foothills along the east Persian Gulf and south, starting cities in Elam, Iran, western Afghanistan, Pakistan, India ... Indian history was not prominent in that era but Indian scholars do suggest connections with the "black head" Dravidian people settling Sumer centuries later,- that could have been a venturesome portion of Cain's people returning to Edin,- adopting local language words, for artisans, farmers, herdsmen, toilers, priests,- implicating this was subordination of the indigenous Akkadian(Semitic/Kemetic)-Ubadians, by newer, educated, Sumerians.

(Note that in the sense of wanderer, Cain was also living-out his concept of spacer-living wandering the cosmos: It was almost regressive).

And further parallels appear in the same area, the same era:- such as the introduction of breeding woolly sheep; Sumerian names for rivers, Idiqlat, being the Hiddekel now known as Tigris, Purattu the Euphrates, the Pison, now known as Wadi Batin to the east, Wadi Rimah to the west, coming out of Eden in the Genesis account, or some scholars say, springs out, which may indicate its appearance by subterranean or sub-dune passage and thence passing the garden it also waters, and from there becomes into [in-to] four heads; The rivers listed, the Pison firstly in deference to its significance, and the others from the other direction, Gihon, Hiddekel [Tigris], Euphrates, indicating a righthand dawn first perspective from somewhere south, Ur, Eridu, Egypt ... And monumental stepped pyramids in Egypt similar to Ziggurats in Sumer....

NB. The concept of one God was never jeopardized by the Jehovahns, by their sons and daughters, by gods plural as synonymous with the sons and daughters of God, though as strange as myths in literatures, but by false emphases on lineage and worship of animality and matter as their hierarchy, as it were something to pass down:-- by mystifying reality ... whence the worship of one incorporeal God-Principle became necessary to the saving of mankind, though still fraught with misunderstanding nations, religions, denominations, and kinds of man and gods.


[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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