The song of Christian Science is, "Work, work, work, watch and pray". (MBE:'00'2:7-8)

Mrs. Eddy wrote a small book called, Rudimental Divine Science - a booklet deemed so abstruse that one Braille edition copy sat, probably untouched, in the sight-reading section of the University of Nevada, Reno, basement library for sixty years with a crackly yellowed 1920 Christian Science Monitor clipping folded inside (pgs. 8-12, 3/8/20: The Report of the Master, Judge Fredrick Dodge regarding the case between the two Boards) waiting to be reappreciated - (yet) inevadable for a true study of Christian Science: Why then in Braille, when Jesus pointed-out, if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch: If Christian Science does not heal, then un-healed, deaf, dumb, and blind teachers must recover their own students from pitfalls?! A warning?! There is no escape by blindness from Truth?! No death-escape minimizing Truth?! The Earth's own dust is the ages long logical lament by which we must shaken faith in absolute evil through rudimental divine science reaching every mental molecule and awakening mortal sense upto consider its consentaneous declaration, "I am dead," as the effect of erroneous thought not consistent with Truth. Jesus spat on the dust, and made clay of the spittle: He appealed to the ruddy mentality of collective mankind, and emphatically reminded his audience of their scientific demonstrable separation from the early gardener's concept of common flesh and soil: Man's life is not growth in the flesh, but out-of/above the flesh, into the cleansing rain, sustaining spirit, and discerning, invigorating light of Life; And he promised that those who followed his mere [scientific] examples, would put their efforts to far greater works, than merely to repeat his words and deeds ... the student of chemistry mixes his elemental examples in test-tubes, before he blows-up mountains in God-like awesome demonstrations of scientific power over the Earth ... likewise, the student of atomic nuclear chemistry tests his theories in mile-deep test-tubes on Earth, before he blows-up asteroids, moons, and atmospheric ice caps of planets, in God-like awe-full demonstrations of scientific power over the cosmic heavens (Jupiter and Saturn are star-bombes waiting for triggers: to replenish the solar system with dust and gases, hydrogen, deuterium, and helium-three) ... thus proving one science, one method, sufficient for mankind: not merely by repeatability, nor by reducibility, nor by diversity, nor by generality, nor by popularity, nor merely by profitability, nor by any perceptive that falls short of Godliness (progress ensuing).

Did Christian Science come to replicate itself? No! it must be demonstrated in full authority over the Earth and heavens, and heaven-of-heavens, wherein and whereby it is known as divine Science: Science as it applies to man in God's likeness ever at the point of perfection, and expanding all-ways. Our primary communications (communion) with the One Mind is no more nor less than what we awake to know; and in the relative ages we've put-off picture-drawing in Sunday Schools and marriages in Churches, as mere untimely reflections of that first communication, which if focused on mortals, draws them away to their doom and destruction, their loss of that timely first communication with the God-Principal of Creation: Creatures do not kill mortals, but worship of and by or in reflections, does: it takes their thought (their mental capacities) away from their own first self-reflection of Principle, to reflections of self and others, temporarily satisfying of and by or in mortal measure.

Can we say what Christian Scientists should be doing; what (the) works are, rather than mere tests? Yes, but mere words hint and point! Perfect composure with the so-called unknown and unknowable or unknowing, not death-defying blindness to the danger of approaching matter and anti-matter, is demonstrable. The critics will claim this is impossible, and call it what it is not ... but infinite Mind set the anti-matter stars in place [in the infinite cosmos-of-cosmoses, outside our local matter-cosmos] as surely as matter stars, and through Mind only we know which to approach safely (for visible light is indistinguishable by optical properties alone, from those material opposites). "What God hath not joined together He will surely drive asunder," has been the bane of the ordinary sciences, fearfully separating matter and anti-matter that these not so much as touch. Yet in all-harmonious Mind these are safe and indestructible ideas of Mind, inseparable from Mind's presence and power, whence in reality these can have no other Mind, presence or power: One is not preferred over the other; and their harmony is not in mortal temporary material mixtures. But (as) Christ Jesus said, we have to see the merest point of the relative, that we may perceive the whole absolute.

Should we expect to ultimately wake-up crying for our dinosaur mommy, and tearfully explain we had this horrible nightmare dreaming we'd become some strange fleshy talking-head creature called, man, that (sometimes) dug holes in the ground and found mommy's and daddy's bones decaying for hundreds of millions of years, sob, sob, sob? no. The oriental thought believes that - believes in Godzilla and Rhodan - because it is lazy: the oriental thought points to the longer demonstration of power and presence, then be-littles its own. Man himself shall accomplish that which God hath here prepared: man the individual idea of God.

Divine Science does not change what Christian Science has here declared to this age: we are at the rudiments of this Science, its baby-face attentions turned to the Father-Mother glory. We can see and feel directly the sun's full glory only when we are fully awake, but dream-beams when nearly so; and attempting this any earlier misses the point, and returns quickly to the darkness (of re-learning wisdom). Contemporary mortals are fascinated with the thought of falling into an inescapably deep black-hole, yet rising-out is not only the proper direction for thought, but what must be done now. Jesus ascended, but only from Earth; ordinary scientific mortals armed and equipped with all the wisdom of the Pharaohs, echo his example at the beckon of their more dangerous authority, to restrain the children of Israel still held captive in Egyptian idol worship of the inimitable God, yet they do not quite achieve Jesus' example, not fully exactly, and his example swallows-up theirs which last until their budget of hypnotism runs out. We must reconnoitre our ascension on the grand order of works, not tests: we must leave Earth. St. John saw a select army of a hundred and forty-four thousand in heaven: in his sky-heaven. We must perceive the select hundreds of millions in the heaven of our galaxy ... we must reverse error. Mind's ability to remove stars as surely as to move them through the heavens, must be demonstrable here, now (before Pharaoh and his wise cosmic atomic nuclear physicists). And must point to a higher purpose and plan - even a seeding, weeding, and mowing, where the fields of stars are more fertile: in the new-American subcenters of our galaxy. Condense an interstellar cloud into a new gas-planet home? sure: thermo-nuclear-powered magneto-strictives! "The way will grow brighter, unto the perfect day." (MBE)

EXODUS ZERO: Let the vials be poured!

When the children of Israel were ready to follow Moses out of polluted Egypt, the winds of the desert arose, lifting electro-luminescent clouds of dust to guide and guard them, night and day, and prepare their sea crossing, and bring them quail in the evening, and mushrooms in the morning, and, tornadic trumpets and Commandments. How much more shall be done for this so great a people (oh, ye of little faith) ... need (ye) a supernova to lighten your fear of the deep darkness of space?! Shall not God provide you a table and a room in the vacuity of outer-space?! and springs of water, air, and light?!

Let the plagues begin!

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

The teachings hereļn are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, governments, find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics: Scientific inferentiation on Holy Biblical Scripture: What actually happened.

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