If I had not come, they would not have sinned. (JOHN15:22)

By current accounts and reductions in astronomical and astrophysical sciences journals, a superstar (before it goes supernova) is 'ten' times bigger (more massive) than our sun, burns a thousand times faster (lasting ten million years instead of ten billion) and yields about the same proportion of 'ash' (about 10% total mass) before it expires; and so it shines about ten thousands times brighter; and therefore any viable (Earth-man-habitable) planet is about a hundred times farther away (than is our Earth near our sun), and so further thereby giving such a planet a 'super-year' enduring about three hundred of our Earth years, and a spring-tide season about an Earth century, while the frozen poles thaw and refreeze, and the atmosphere transports its moisture burden between them (poles), dropping its rain along the way. The planet's longish day-cycle (because the larger pre-solar cloud in which it formed would likely have had less angular momentum-density than ours) might fix anywhere between a few Earth days and Venus' lumbering eight (Earth) months. Thus crops might spring-up in a 'long' day (an Earth summer-time) of continuous sunlight; and people might last just a few 'super-years', and go into super-hibernation each super-winter. (Such an estimate depends numerically on the actual specifics of such a system - there may be other planets in that system, even large enough to be suns, or have a second sun, because the early solar system cloud was 'ten' times larger).

Many super-generations of mankind (several thousands of our Earth years) before the super-star detonates, its heat-production dynamics would change dramatically deep inside as the nucleal density edges towards super condensed carbon-nitrogen, and would become apparent as a change of size, temperature (heat-output), and neutrino flux (a more scientific measure). The people on the planet would soon figure-out what remained of their prospects, and how long for civilization; and would begin all possible means of 're-seeding' their preferred culture on planets of nearby stars: hopefully preparing themselves for some down-to-the-last-minute 'ditch' effort to escape their own total demise: perhaps giant deep-freezes installed far underground and designed to super-hibernate several generations, until reaching a more welcome home-star in the stellar neighborhood.

As harbingers to their interests such a people would send all possible messages and informations ahead, in all directions - all directions because, despite their best calculatory efforts they might not know precisely when and where deep inside their super-star the core collapse should begin some super-years in their own future; because any off-centering and off-timing in that collapse would result in unbalanced proportions of explosion and radial magnification of orbital elements, and that might fling their star and subsequently their planet in unpredictable and skew directions: neither lo, here, nor, lo, there.

But there would be some fairly predictable ramifications of such a supernova event upon the immediate stellar neighborhood. We ourselves might never have thought of forewarning the whales in our ocean of an impending thermo-nuclear bomb detonation (test) - but their more civilly advanced culture may have required the preparation of the thoughts of mankind nearby (in interstellar measure). So they sent us Jehovah, who brought us Adam and Eve, and all that might consequentially pertain: to the agrarian Earthers long-ago the first advisory came: the call for thinkers to rise and build. Mere super-generations, they figured, (but little did they know it meant hundreds of generations to Earth's-kind-of-man).

In the final super-years their doom became imminent: they sent the message for the first messiah: a life-demonstration that would only hope all, and appreciate all, and be grateful for all good. (We interpret this our way: another people on another planet, about another star, might see it another way). Then the supernova lit: the buzzing blast of neutrinoes, followed by the scorching blaze of light and heat: St. John perceived its immanence and imminence, fore-heard it and fore-saw it - "the REVELATION of Jesus Christ" - the son who went away as a prodigal, and then went home briefly thereafter: the second son would come and (as we interpret it) would do terribly great things on Earth, till they understood. The supernova blast wind would traverse the distance in a few thousand Earth years, and upon striking the Earth with brilliant evening auroras (ZECH14:6-7), dump that fraction of its load of radio-isotopically unripe elements, gas, smoke, and dust: carbon-oxygen, silicon-like, and iron-like, and uranium and plutonium-like elements into our atmosphere, for a few millennia, polluting the Earth so, that only the self-healers (Christian Scientists*) should survive to rule the Earth. (Deep-space astronomers might be delighted to see every little asteroid lit-up by its own aurora). Mankind's Earth experience with the radio-active elements would be small harbinger for the final onslaught. Holocaust? Apocalypse? If the super-star had not 'died' (supernova'ed) the (cosmic) holy super-nova breath would not have come upon (us): Jesus foresaw it; and Jesus understood man's receptivity to the one true Mind - not by the pretenses of hypnosis, animal magnetism, necromancy, but - by scientific reflection, shut to error, open to Truth: God even with man, and reflected by man, and so ever appreciated by man, not false to God, because God hath prepared the way of His own.

*[Christian Scientists: not tinkers but thinkers; those who do not dally, nor wait for doctors, to heal directly]

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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