the necessary knowledge of Truth: the Christ that heals and saves from error without harming the individual person: the explication of the divine nature (MBE): Christian Science is divine Science as it applies to humanity (MBE).

Briefly: We distinguish Christian Science from the ordinary sciences because it alone makes nothing of matter, and the ordinary sciences make much, if not everything, of matter ... matter is nothing, and we would be better tending and improving our moments by thinking less of matter and more of God, not in mere abstractions, as that is matter-and-spirit, matter pre-occupying spirit, which we recognize as impossible, but by discerning God through his highest idea and proof ... that is the exemplary Christ. The Tenets of Christian Science may be found in The Mother Church MANUAL, and emphasize: We take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life ... this inspired Word leaps from the literal reading of Scripture directly to the healing and saving spiritual meaning: it spends no time in extra-curricular thinking ... while 'lambhorn' is child's play: it examines and overturns curious objets d'art of Science, and satisfies itself with truer views of the ordinary sciences and technologies, thus reforming even these, and gathering all mankind to worship the one Father, not merely on Sundays and Wednesdays, nor by Practitioner and Teacher, but by every man, woman, and child on Earth, and sky-ward, and heaven-ward, as we launch into the deep, where our 'fetch-sticks' have gone before: we're chasing the beasts of our thoughts, but for play ... as the child sits and plays on the hole of the asp .... (ISA)

I.) Truth and Error seem to be at courts-martial in our thoughts. Error being evil and false, and Truth being good and true, it proceeds like a dramatic moment on a big-screen. Error, having punished its apprehended Truth, says politely, do you feel there was one blow too many? If the convicted Truth answers, no, Error, evil, slaps the face of Truth to induce its falsifications by one more count; but in any case, whether Truth answers specifically, no, or, yes, or with silence, Error advances and concludes, Truth, You're a free man, now, the whole world is before you, go out there, and pay us back! Truth rebuts, innocent I came before you, innocent I have been before you, innocent I leave you, and what is truly mine is yet mine and true, and goes with me. Error, falsity, says, nay, but we have your record, and it is more than you have, for we have included much wrong with it. Truth rebuts again, not so, but you believe you have looked over your fence and declared what you have there seen and supposed in my yard-lot, but I have the things themselves, and more so, and they are mine, for they are with me in my yard-lot. Error chortles, hah, our record of lies is more interesting, for we can show it to others who aspire to steal, and entice their thoughts to imagine themselves so doing (and for which they pay us well under-hand), and safely so unless they foolishly try, and forsake our safety, because these are stories, and besides, they cannot have these things of yours any way, for they are not true enough to be allowed into your yard-lot, but they can always look over our fence at our discretion, and see for themselves that our record rings true with evidences that they can count and conjectures they can believe. Truth replies, nevertheless, my own record is sufficient for myselfhood, and it is sufficient for them as well, for it corrects all defects, lies, invidious traipse comprising your record of self-incriminating exposures and you yourself are no thing but that you seem to have hold over their attention span in your time before their courts-martial. Here, Error objectifies your honor, again, mocking, he who slaps last, slaps best: The Bible is Mine, for Now is Yet!!

II.) Evil, or specifically the claim and claimant called, error, is early the child-thinker's challenge (before any significant study of Scripture and Science in Sunday School). What is it, where is it, and why is it, is on the lips and in the second-sight mentality of the auto-pedagog almost as soon as the early words of language themselves, and almost as an entity of thought: it seems real, only as it seems possible to contemplate, and far more facile than any practice or imposition. What is it that seems to realise the error - a miscalculation, a feeling of being chastened or even chastized, however motherly-assuringly, for doing best, rightly, and obediently - and should it be ignored, as often teachers, mothers, seem to require distractions and more error, first?! The mere reality of detecting it, an error, in thought, means that the right idea is at least equally present, and that the error is not in agreement: a possible (pose-able) disagreement, whatever the error. That error, evil, is unreal because refutable with Truth, is the clarion call to duty in Christian Science Sunday School; and mothers seem almost reponsible for making children old of ignorance and neglect of handling that disagreement early, mentally directly, and so lovingly. The child is not yet aware of the challenge of the prostitute against mother, or what that is, or where that is, or why that is - as the child innately, intrinsically, trusts that detective truth that refutes it (every error) in thought as it apprears. The older child, enwisened by mother, and father, Sunday School teachers, Christian Science Practitioners, is taught (to trust and believe) that error or evil is nothing (no thing, no person, no place), the seeming substance of the darkness of mortal mind, detected only as it disappears before (and in the direct line of) the light of Truth and good, revealing the qualities and quantities of God, and that therefor let God direct and unfold the proper handling of every sort, and (then) hasten to follow God's (good's Principle) getting, guiding, guarding, governing. Analogies as mere conversation pieces fail shy of Truth, but since some semblence of comfort accompanies the parental discretion, the child readily complies (and obeys parents) yet ever wondering whether that very semblence is merely stultifying, as a husk of something better denied (whence mother's challenge from the prostitute's imposition of insanity AKA Animal Magnetism). Still lurking in the ever-child's thought is that questionable power-of-disagreement, sometimes nurtured scientifically into a sceptical (truthful) appreciation of intellect, but too often (also) left as an entrapment laid against that child's better spiritual growth and happiness: culminating in wrong requests by the parents and vexing the grown child in later years, themselves seeming to follow the lessons of the nature of Earth rather than of God, and so exalting as though the stream above its fount, and signifying the child thought as the mental originator, the requiring Cause of (the) parents, as the ever-child's two slain witnesses, to be raised to Life again (REV), reinstated as or in proof of that self-same original mentality reflecting the Mind I AM, but being the Love I AM, and therefor never requiring parents to be ought but (the) reflection thereof. Humanity apes God, say the wise; but the child-mind wrestles silently upon this thought-seed turning-point of perfect being (the very point of turning and being perfect) - Am I (to be) the evil ogre? implores the loving child of unimpugnable Reason: the keeper of the warped mentality? the disagreer, thinking evil real and possible? or God, good, absent, or not superior? disagreeing to leave this fulcrum-end-point-time of perfection, unfoldment, and (ex)amplification? and disagreeing equally to keep it forever hidden? closetted: limiting it in a contrite childhood?!

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

The teachings hereļn are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, governments, find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: Astronomics, Linguistics, Mathematics, Systematics: Scientific inferentiation on Holy Biblical Scripture: What actually happened.

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The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances hereļn to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (States). May your tabernacle measure true.


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