St. John's REVELATION of Christ, Scientist

Declaring the end from the beginning,... (ISA46:10)

Scriptural revelation was the work of inspired thinkers drawing their refreshment and and relations from previous writers, and developing their own thought in exposition: Couched in their contemporary knowledge, these writings appealed locally, while yet obscured from the dabbling and daunting barbarian fashions, and so remote from us as to elicit ridicule and neglect, albeit quite unnecessarily. Children of Satan? Or, children of the punishment for severely taunting family members: the children not of Abraham, but of Sarah, self-isolated against the children of Hagar! Prophet and priest reminded the children of Isaac to keep in line, and see their own place, prestige, and power enlarged: it was immediate; it met their need; but prophecy through Love's sincerity meets all needs - in their times, and to come - whence national fervor extracted its contempority and contempt for insight and foresight: forewarning rivalled advocacy in the popular mind-set, and so they slew reasoner with treasoner; Cain's moronicity was their mean and standard of deviation: nothing stable, they worshipped numbers, in more ways than one, and in numbers they worshipped.

Not suprisingly numbers concealed, baffled, and mystified their religious codes for centuries. But thinkers sought to their God, to ask meaning and purpose for all things in heaven and Earth: Abraham perceived the enormity of successive multiplications; Isaiah pondered Lucifer's (the son of the morning: Mercury's or Venus') extremity cut loose from heaven, avoiding the pit of the night, in its nearness to the sun (the German word for its hot-light is, hell(e)); Job considered the song, the conjunction of (all) five morning stars (planets) occurring before he was born, and where is the place, what is the aethereal substance of the darkness (the absence of light); St. John studied stars, comets, the constellations, and the Milky Way (our galaxy: the faint hazy permanent splash of luminescence engirdling the night sky); Jesus discerned the moon's shadow upon the Earth and the Earth's shadow of the moon, during total eclipses, and the small roundness of the whole Earth itself, that (which) was hidden from the Earth's own popular foundational view; Daniel examined the number ratios of days and times (of moon, planets, and stars); Paul discoursed on spatial and temporal dimensionality (the breadth, and length, and depth, and height); Jeremiah granted on the size of the cosmos and the depth of the Earth; yet others, the formation of planet(s) in (a) solar system (GEN); rainbows (Noah); aircraft (EZEK); angel-visitors ... all of them as grand Sabbath masters appointing the signs.

Armed with precise numerical and logical arguments, scholars divide REVELATION at the eleventh chapter where St. John begins to use less familiar numbers of days: ascribing the first portion of the book to a later writer, as possibly recollections and interpretations of a disciple of St. John, added and fitted for emphasis and imminence: compare parallels for precedent: the ruler-child, the iron rod, and the morning star gift (REV2:26-28::REV12:5;19:11-16;21:7;22:16). There is reason to believe however that St. John wrote the book in order, but by great developments over a period of about two years. Indeed for us, the waiting (time) delay is no longer (REV10:6); the seven angels have already sounded, and the mystery of God (should be) finished. (REV10:7) Chapter eleven is St. John's summary-preview of the last phase of necessary but undistilled prophecy (REV10:11) of the remaining chapters: the holy city about the temple (REV11:1-2) is, quite possibly, Ezekiel's holy city, named, 'the LORD is there'. (EZEK48:35); the 42 months (1240days, by the moon) or 1260 days or three-and-a-half years (1278days) (REV11:2-3) ratiocinated by the morning star (REV22:16), the errant (eccentric) Mercury (coarsely averaging 116days), being thereby exacting estimates of 400 years during which the two suffering repentent (reminding) witnesses* (REV11:3-4), representing Adam and Eve (ZECH4:14), shall be the Bible, and, SCIENCE AND HEALTH, that is, Christ, and, Science, the promised comforter (REV10:1-2,8-10), and none shall prevent them (REV10:5-7).

The beast of ecclesiastical pedantry (then) shall rise from the bottomless** pit (a fissure in the Earth deeper than a serpent's hole) - from unwise, not already fully known, knowledge: unfulfillable yet to be learned - and shall squelch (kill) them (REV11:7-8) for 3.5 days (maybe meaning by Mercury, coarsely 400 days, or thence 400 years) with the gay and unscientific tribulations and oppressions of Sodom and Egypt (REV11:8-10) mocking and scorning [mediating] discovery; afterwhich these two shall resurrect, as valid statements of spiritual truths, and finally ascend (REV11:11-12) as pure, spiritually inspired manifestations of God's law (the Earthly record elevated to the pure spiritual understanding of Science no longer belonging to only the Earth). Here in St. John's record the seventh angel sounds, hurrying him to finish: the second woe along with its consolation of a reassuring future, has been counted and weighed; St. John's final scenario is about to be revealed and played-out. There is no further mention of the third woe, nor its end, in the second half of REVELATION: which seems to indicate a different writer, or a different vision, more graduated in its wondrous detail. And whether the preceding must be taken as preliminary, or parallel, or in temporal sequence, may even depend on St. John's notion of conjunction: each development in REVELATION may be viewed as a phase (hour or angular position) in a distinct orbit; whence a key, a combination code or simple conjunction of all orbits' phases, may specify the end time, while yet other phase combinations specify other times though not the unlocking: in this way no one anywhere in history misses any phase of any orbit; whence a universal (Earth) REVELATION. We'll elaborate on yet another conjunction, that of both astronomy and astrology, which appear to coincide in St. John's expectation for our time: one more evidence that none can escape these latter days.

... [beginning with REV12] ...

*[if these had referred to the preceding 400 years, the two witnesses would be DANIEL and REVELATION (St. John), as the fervor to assume their meanings culminated in a nation at civil war over the seeming lack of fulfillment of their own prophecy and union, and necessity.]
**[unprecedented: outside the viewable cosmos, or subtler than the aether of space]

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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