St. John's REVELATION of Christ, Scientist

Declaring the end from the beginning,... (ISA46:10)

Scriptural revelation was the work of inspired thinkers drawing their refreshment and and relations from previous writers, and developing their own thought in exposition: Couched in their contemporary knowledge, these writings appealed locally, while yet obscured from the dabbling and daunting barbarian fashions, and so remote from us as to elicit ridicule and neglect, albeit quite unnecessarily ... Prophet and priest reminded the children of Isaac to keep in line, and see their own place, prestige, and power enlarged: it was immediate; it met their need; but prophecy, through Love's sincerity, meets all needs - in their times, and to come ....

... [continuing] ...


The author here chooses to simplify the fall of Babylon: again, there is no reason to rehearse error nor depict its syndrome (symptomatic details) (REV18) - the prostitute considers (these) diligently, as her means of entering the thoughts of her clientele; but the pure, child-like mind-set and understanding takes these as chores when assigned - St. John was assigned to break-up the claim of prostitution, its hold over cities and public wealth, and typically, he discerns that it is constituted of only a woman's mental struggle to overcome adversity in her own Church (family-thought) "the structure of Truth and Love" (MBE) - and some of this chore is taken-up in the next articles. It is important to recognize the fall as both its Earthiness, and its seeming inadequacy against this Earthiness: Mrs. Eddy recognized (admitted) the necessity to exceed the material language - lamenting that (one) should not attempt to put the language of infinite Soul, Spirit, into finite nomenclature, knowing this shall eventually burst the container, her book - and she had to rely on God's future as well as present supply of courage against this final contradiction of the grave (burial in matter). Knowing that only infinite power, Mind or Spirit, can embody thought, she had to leave her book in God's capable hands, as her own thought could not predict every contingency that would befall its own finite associations of approximations and imitations: what is a book? what is a sentence? what is a word? what is a letter? what is a grammar? what is a reading? what is an association? Compared to ceaseless infinite action, Mind or Spirit, invisible and irrepressible?! She could discern it herself, she could teach it and write it, but whatever she did had to carry the student, and go further than itself, and so ultimate in the (self)-destruction of its seeming finite material source, without hampering any more than necessary its true spiritual reflected unimpeachability. She left this legacy to her students, to go further with her book than matter could, even to look down their noses at her book: to look and go beyond the fall, destruction, and disintegration of Babylon: a challenge she met head-on, even to wearing its name, Babylon, Mother of (to) Harlots, as her diadem of final reason. (REV18:4-6) But whoa: what can be the reason of error? but to destroy or be destroyed, itself, by truth! What is Babylon? We recognize Sodom and Egypt as, mirey oblivion of the Jewish delineation, from which God's own angels (confrontation with God's thoughts) had to inspire, direct, and lead an exodus (Lot from Sodom, and Moses from Egypt) - it meant leaving a blighted, subverted or enslaved existential homeland life. Babylon, though, is (almost subtly) the opposite, for, Babylon, in its glorious freedoms, and its southern near region, represents yet today the original and inceptional theme of the Jews - they had to be repeatedly dragged-back to find and reconsider their own inseparable purpose - Eden calling home, because it (Scientific Eden) is a necessity of Mother's understanding, not a dissolving landmark in the clay (earth). And we recognize ever more thoroughly that this falling Babylon, this mothering comforter to the harlots of Earthly existential manhood yet rejected of the other churches' denominational pride, is but the victorious struggle of Mother and Church, dissolving the crass materialism of edificial idolatry - that which makes idols of the true Church-family-home (house) built without hands, eternal in the heavens - and clearly this coincides always with The Mother Church development already without marriage weddings and baptismal ceremonies, without arts and crafts in its children's Sunday School, and soon to be without organic music merriments (as the Sunday School has not organ music, but a piano accompaniment to help the children learn the hymns), and collections. (Mrs. Eddy started her Church without collections-taking: but she couldn't rush prophecy.) (REV18:21-23)

The fall of Babylon, then, is its final spiritual recognition; no longer needed as it no longer sustains a material idolatrous (accreted) symbol of wealth and power, yet the inhabitants more reluctant than Lot's family or Moses' people, to leave its finally (only) symbolic comforts, would even stand and watch the finality of matter, its return to nothingness, its darkness empurpled before dawn's orison. And this is followed by the beast, the Church, without its crowns in the wilderness of the human belief of, and faith in, 'death-life' (after-life), finally shaking loose the material problem of prostitution, the left-over sex-explanation-symbol. How? maybe through the final application of mathematics so purified of erroneous thought - and presently the statistics of left-overs is the unclean thing of mathematics: it should be left to God, to Mrs. Eddy (the woman), and The Christian Science Church (the beast) to handle all facets of this claim, its unreality, and what it makes of mortals - that numbers shall seem as shadows of the divine calculus, flawless and infallible, harmonious because entirely obeying and satisfied by their harmonious principle: exemplified perhap in the cosmic order of the stars, which to human sense seem near constant (with exceptions) while to the astronomers' sense of order, completely subordinate to inexorable laws. Under such final revelation the prostitute would cease to exist, even against her willingness to be an exception, and would be found subordinate to the spiritual perfect sense of order relieved of material encumbrance (her fleshly body, cremated, returned, borne again, to atmospheric wispy nothingness, the Church' final burn of incense and sacrifice to heavenly order). This final end means a final understanding of true womanhood, no longer separated from manhood by pedantic ecclesiasticisms; and Mrs. Yahweh's method of scientific experimentation understood - as St. John saw the simple accomplishment of grafting twelve manner of fruit bearing year-round on the same tree (in a warm climate, not snow) (REV22:2), was an advance over Adam's first lessons in horticulture: tree tending. Thus while experimentation seems refreshing to human progress - only so long as it is controlled and followed scientifically for proof (of progress) - as book writing preceded Church building, until this Church was established in the heart and mind, and all subsequent Church publication edited and authorized - as ultimately prostitution, long a recognized protection to married women against wayward men, must everywhere yield to adoption's higher order - as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil was found, as tasty as ever, to be the finale (conclusion) before Adam would rule the Earth co-equal with his mother, LORD YHWH (no longer called LORD GOD, as the self-same in GENESIS), having advanced out of Eden's kindergarten (garden), and come to recognize and rule a larger concept of God's Earth and heavens - so the beast, the Church, shall momentarily (finally) become the sole explanation for man's existence on the Earth until it, too, ceases to exist because it explained nothing at all, but only represented as a cover to human self-thinking, and counterclaim to mere human birth and motherhood, man's oneness and unity with God alone. (REV17:15-17)

Babylon falls, 'period'. It is not personal empathesis, nor epithesis, that those who follow person, Mrs. Eddy, because she (is) following the Christ, should bear the final loss of their great Leader - but rather, it is important to recognize that none other (was) greater: none other could win that title: Mrs. Eddy saw that it was woman's conception of Christ which demanded this development; and shirk it, she could not: Christ had supplied her needs, forgiven her sore mistakes (forsaken), and brought her through all trials where mere human platitudes, drugs, and chastisements had failed to even warm her heart for the husks of bigotry; She would be done with the adulations already! (REV18:21-24) Then the truer (view of) womanhood appears (REV19:5-9), and the (child) ruler returns from heaven (REV19:11-16), a recurrence of spacer longevity.

The final division between the spacer community and Earth arrives: between Truth and error, spiritual understanding and material belief of understanding: The Mother Church and The Son Dey School of Christ Science close. Cast into the lake burning with the sulfurous stench of brimstone (REV19:20) - the untenable mixtures of mortal belief making a last and symbolic effort: not really as at first when the Earth was new, but a clustering of anciently familiar material-energetical concepts culminating in a return to oblivion, as the serpent satisfied with its incomprehensible ignorance returns to its hole after making its brief foray for safety from doom in that hole, as error would be true to save from (its) error, as matter would be spiritual (type) to save from matter - St. John may have also meant to indicate the utter futility of the entrancing pagan oracle of (drug-induced) finding-out what (matter-induced) error was about, as Mrs. Eddy strove against this - the warning institutions against death, no longer sustaining valid contradictions in the wilderness of mortal mind's passing (material) insanity, having thus lost their crowning glories, and thence destroyed their experimental proctor and tormentor - the beast and false prophet (the second beast's refined eloquence and elegance, redaction and erudition) are handled at last not by Science but by Spirit, not personally but uniformly collectively: the excommunicators excommunicated; nothing left to be finally destroyed, save final destruction: Satan cast into the original depth of that fire but only for a thousand years: subordination utterly subordinated. (REV20:1-3) This was St. John's best effort to define, amplify, explain, and exalt (his) divine Principle, one Allness. To Adam, it was small garden tending; to Daniel, it was knowledge increasing, and running to and fro; to St. John, it was cosmic rhythmic cyclic repentence: And he could see no further than this perpetual Mind motion, minding, enthroned forever minding perpetuity: Its only selfhood. But he did see a consequence, a conjunction, to his improved perception: an improved perspection (of) a new heaven and a new Earth, the seas of erroneous beliefs about mortal humanity vanished, mortality passed away. (REV21) He describes (his) new city with foundations (and temple streams) yet from his best redacted inference and interpretation for his readers: to him (to St. John) this city is four-square and cubic (equal in height to length and to width) having twelve gates, though he yet counts these by the tribes of Israel rather than by the symmetry of the cube (which has six sides, that is, half of twelve; or else counting twelve edges; or yet, if not cubic but spheric, equal in all three spatial dimensions, noting its circumferential surace has 4pi radian measure or (about) twelve square radians of outer area, or equivalently, four times its circular cross section, and three gates in each of these four (covering) trianguloid paves, not squares per sé but seeming square from a viewpoint midway along above an outer edge, as the endpoints converge well beyond the viewable horizon). Whether cubic or spheric is quite irrelevant here, for its immense size implicates minimal gravity in either case, and no other platform from which to lead an assault, for this city-planet cannot be taken by force; and it is far remote from our Earth's sun and moon, for the Lamb (the meek and mighty Christ-light understanding of reflection) illumines it (this is yet another insightfully inciteful reference to the reflected (not burning hot) light of the bright and morning star-planet, Venus) - St. John's super Christal star-city-planet-space-ship is his final home-port from which to come and go freely (and visit any other Earth in time, in space, in Heaven). His lonely exile on Patmos refurbishes his memory with gladness for its promise and purpose; bright Venus preceding Earth's own dawn o'erhead punctuates its presence and power. (REV22)

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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