St. John's REVELATION of Christ, Scientist

Declaring the end from the beginning,... (ISA46:10)

Scriptural revelation was the work of inspired thinkers drawing their refreshment and and relations from previous writers, and developing their own thought in exposition: Couched in their contemporary knowledge, these writings appealed locally, while yet obscured from the dabbling and daunting barbarian fashions, and so remote from us as to elicit ridicule and neglect, albeit quite unnecessarily ... Prophet and priest reminded the children of Isaac to keep in line, and see their own place, prestige, and power enlarged: it was immediate; it met their need; but prophecy, through Love's sincerity, meets all needs - in their times, and to come ....

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We begin with St. John's REVELATION:12 vision of a wonder in heaven (the deep sky), a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head. That this occurred in proper simile on Sept. 4-5, 1861, we've discussed in respect with DANIEL's times and days: With the sun in the zodiacal sign of Virgo the woman, which in St. John's Jewish calendar year precedes the equinox which begins the new year, the sun, moon, and four planets appeared (by orrery computation, if not directly visible in the brightness of the sun), even to stand upright (crown on top) on the horizon, both in the evening and next morning, upright again (by the faster motions of the moon and sun), as viewed (best) from northeastern America. That the zodiac has shifted one sign since St. John's time, that the conjunction was positioned in the (actual stellar) constellation of Leo the lion, reinforces (our) reference to astrology. The fifth planet, Venus, the bright and morning star, her brightest jewel, representing the Christ-idea, weighed in Libra the zodiacal balance: whence the woman was pregnant, weighing with child, in the evening with a succeeding, simpler, and more elevated conception (even 30 deg., well above the stars in her crown, even as the orb of a sceptre in her right hand), which she brought forth (down) to the Earth in the morning (even well below the moon) - hence the Psalmist's prophetic "weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." (PSA30:5, Approved-HYMN425) Or, (ourselves) trying the actual constellations: Judah, the be-crowned lion of the tribe of Israel led the Benjamite sort of woman who beheld the Christ-idea-light within, whence followed its Earthly propounding or balance, her book, for common weighing, which is more how it appeared (to us).

In the meanwhile, discrepancy aside, there are (ten) more zodiacal signs in St. John's sketchy sky chart (perhap as ten lost tribes of Israel) to recover and explain: and these develop our comprehension of the woman's place. At first she is the mother bringing forth the child anointed to rule the world with a rod of iron (Libra, the balance beam: an ordinary, simple but crude but accurate means of comparing and ascertaining weighty and valuable considerations - Science: the unbreakable, unbending law of God, Mind, Truth, requiring the utmost diligent care in its use: disobedience could be deadly, not merely painful; heavenly (cosmic) measure that does not change - iron rod: reduced and fashioned with firey heat, from the red soil of Adam's (overturning) tillage: Science, induced by Love, deduced from its divine Principle). St John beholds yet another wonder in heaven, a great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns (and seven crowns), and body and tail stretching across a third of the (night) sky; and it chases the woman and her child. We (re)cognize this great red dragon as the Milky Way galaxy (our sun's home-city of stars): its liminal dusky glow (whence the term, red, as dim embers glow reddish) lurking behind the more obvious stark starry night sky, and crossing the ecliptic twice. In astrological order the constellation of Scorpio the scorpion, which coincides with a portion of this Milky Way, follows immediately after Libra the balance, giving the emphasis to an antipathetical Earthward chase scene in sequence, as he delineates. That a third of the stars should fall beneath its tail suggests the ongoing meteor showers seen nightly and sometimes by the minute. St. John seems to have guessed that the dragon (galaxy) had some essential stellar luminescence - but his count suggests the spread, rather than the actual number, of stars affected by its proximity - for he feels its antipathy, its fixed vagueness, its vastness outweighing the individual stars: even as the nebulous plankton (fields) in the sea are comprised of individual points of light at night. In this same order, the constellation of the woman precedes the balance (and the child therein), and thence dragon, in their descent to Earth, onto the evening horizon, and so also is first to rise in the morning, whence the story line follows this daily as well as celestial order forwardly: the sun (and the day) transfers forward to each succeeding sign, and St. John continues this development figuratively with the woman soon giving-up her crown and glorious clothing, and flying up to irregular wilderness heights, and her child being caught up to heaven; the dragon yet pursuing: the next sign, Sagittarius the archer, first, coming forth as Michael and his angels, doing battle with the dragon and its angels, and casting them to the Earth. (St. John inserts here, and elsewhere, a loud voice in heaven proclaing progress: possibly an accent of notably bright stars off the ecliptic, Vega, Altair, etc.). And, then, Capricorn the goat, but in St. John's usage rather as the wings of an eagle (which is more how the constellation appears) given to the woman to make her escape: as both goats and eagles notably live in, and resort to the high mountain crags for their safety. We recognize this exit to the wilderness as the passing of a great Leader whose presence we feel and hope to find in our larger thought of existence beyond the formal constructions of presentient human experience and endeavor - or like King Nebuchadnezzar, struggling with the belief of insane personal (individual) persistence on Earth, until the understanding of the rule of the heavens should correct this wild harlotry in her (our) thought. Then, next, Aquarius the water bearer, as St. John's dragon sending forth from its mouth a flood to drown her descendants (successors and followers); but, then, Pisces the fish, as the Earth (or a type of Earthy manhood) helping the woman, swallowing up the flood: as fish live in and appear to swallow and breath even the water, without drowning: whence a helpful example of sorts; Then, next, Aries the ram, and adjacently the constellation of the Pleiades, six or seven sisters, as the beast rising from that sea (of swallowed floods), with seven heads, ten horns and ten crowns - and as the seventh Pleiad is not always visible, and as rams seem to enjoy butting heads (and horns, whence the figurative name, 'battering-ram'), one head should be wounded unto death but recover and live again (as this is the common human notion of restoration and resurrection: to rise to fight again, sans ascension, that is, without comprehension and understanding of eternal Life, but passing a phase of belief in mortal life, in and out of sickness and health)- Then, Taurus the bull, which St. John prefers more lamb-like (as is more apparent by constellation), as the second beast with two short horns (even as a young ram's lamb's-horns), and the manner of lambs (and bulls) is to challenge, turn, and charge aspace, and steer its head playfully, which is a more lively image than the more remote and awesome ram, but similar in power, and appropriate more to the exaction of domesticated submission and image worship, as St. John interprets the hardship; And next, St. John saw Orion the hunter, as the enrobed and golden engirdled Lamb (as is equally apparent); the sound of waters is yet another feeling of that Milky Way galaxy-flow which crosses the zodiac here, too; and following loyally, Gemini the twins, as the Lamb's undefiled select choir-army (as members are uniformed twins of one another) further developed, coming to do battle with the latter beast and its worshippers (the first beast then having lost its crowns, and gone off into the woman's wilderness where it shall be later seen with her - St. John's insertion of the fall of Babylon is as a background event being announced: it may come as a clustering of planets, as the crown fallen off the woman, or it may be anti-climactic, as the nondescript constellation of Cancer the crab, crawling bottom dweller; then, next but lastly among the secular zodiacal beings, creatures, acts and actions, appears to St. John as the Son of man (generic man with final authority for Earth) crowned, and wielding with both hands a scythe (a curved hooked blade instrument) apparent in the front of (our) next constellation, Leo the lion, and reaping the Earth at the harvest (before the woman comes again to gather). St. John reviews and marvels momentarily at the Lamb's choir-army standing on a sea of glass mingled with fire (REV15:2-4) - Gemini the twins, again, standing on our Milky Way galaxy's luminescent glaze. His holier vision of the temple in heaven being open(ed), as the temple of the testimony (individual proofs of God; even as the tribe of Levi was ordained for the priesthood) opens next, and as even before the first sign, of Virgo the woman, the great wonder in the heavens, St. John saw the temple of God open; and so preluded and postluded the sequence of the eleven other signs and wonders, even as, Leo the lion, also the appellative for Judah, the lion of the tribe of Judah, that tears open the veil of the flesh to consume it (REV5:5), becomes the Son of man reaping at last, so, as Christ Jesus was crucified and pricked (with a sword) in the flesh to yield a more heavenly view of eternal life as his strength, so this temple (or body) in heaven is no longer secular.

Engulfed in this visionary aspiration, St. John was, firstly, handling animal magnetism: Moses' rod which would become a flexible serpent (rather than break) when cast down loosely; conforming it to his more spiritually demanding God-centered imagery of reality superior to the iconic and secular idolatry of traditional personal-self-centered humanity; enlivening it, anointing it with Christ's plan, rather than merely adorning it or scorning it; playing it up, to put it down (and in writing) - though not more difficultly than the fifth-grade elementary student who redacts his vocabulary lesson into a short story.

But be that as it may, St. John was also enumerating that plan, which has only now begun to be played out in Christian Science, the only true history of the world, for the history of matter passes away (even as the unknown rules of spelling become known: as the child learns the new words, not that the old words are lost, except they were wrong, and the right made known, that the wrong return not). A certain modern rich author [1] suggests that Reverend Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy was/is the woman with the crown, and her child was/is SCIENCE AND HEALTH; but we've also seen that the zodiacal interpretation and the actual constellations no longer coincide - it has taken nearly two thousand years for this celestial translation - and Mrs. Eddy surely did not wish to be seen later in St. John's REVELATION as the same woman, the accused and stoned, dead prostitute, the harlot who made-off with the 'Key-to-the-Scriptures', tauntingly waving it to catch attention of Christendom (ref: GEN38): because the world had not yet discerned the wrong it (the world, and Christendom) imposes upon womanhood, causing it to be seen sometimes so reputed, even as in her own day she was compared to an English barmaid; And St. John's own usage of the lonely, lowly prostitute was much more Christianly forgiving, especially of his own lowly understanding of Earth-based wilderness dominion not yet cosmic (as St. John saw stars that move where we perceive planets like our own, he saw an Earthy prostitute where we (may) see a spacer visitor of manly title) - the cup of blood, her only reward for healing the saints: collected from the blood stains on the pages of Mrs. Eddy's book ... But even as a lion(ess) has (her) pride, and takes up the defense against the merely dangerous beasts (the ecclesiastical adoptions of children's souls to uncouth creeds, strange practices, and subterfugal policies), so she is appropriately typical: the Christ-idea of dominion on Earth pointed to, and was held by, the woman, and she balanced a weighty book from her 'Libra'ry of science and health, wispily cleaned of that furious dust of mortal material history: ready even to forestall or heal the bite of that loose scorpion, then wash-away its (dead) commemoration with a flood of loving endeavors .... (modernizing)

The man-child brought forth in St. John's great vision of the woman, is, (the) Christ-Science, Mrs' Eddy's principal (personal) successor: the very scientific generic Christ-man or conscious presense of God or Mind-Am-I, ever with this man, exemplified, today (MY343:5;346:27-5), and every Christian Scientist, the woman's seed, is her successor in the proof, demonstration, and understanding of (this) Christ-Truth. St. John says very little about this child because it is more than himself: it is the original, being the LORD, being (a) man. Mrs. Eddy reminds us that the Christ-idea which animated her thought of embodiment (her successor - the child of this prophecy) may be found in her writings. (MY120:2)

The dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven crowns, is (the mind-set of) the fear-boggling ecclesiastical oligarchy and monopoly (literally, 'one-(is)-many') imposing its belief of system on Christ's Christianity, drawing men into submission, with terrifying dogma, and promise of human bodily material oneness: propounding marriages over adoption; demanding that all new ideas be brought forth in the traditional schools of thought. The ten horns are the Ten Commandments pointedly kept (to prod or wound those without). The seven crowns are the exaltations of the personal sense of God, as priests among men.

Michael and his angels, is St. John's indication of heaven's rule reaching unto Earth - he does not actually itinerate the child's rule with the rod of iron: implicating either a delay or a background, that is, a studiously learned metaphysical rule, over worldliness. In a sense, Michael is his commander-in-chief, the enforcing power of that rule: the presence and power of the Science of Life aiding the woman and child: her husband procuring the opportunity, wisdom, and technology of the cosmos, for the child's instruction on Earth.

Cast to Earth, the mental dragon of fearsome recriminations embodies itself in Mrs. Eddy's early concepts of church, both her prior associations and her first attempts to have her Christ Science (or Christian Scientists) be(come) accepted by and in the established churches - but also those churches could not establish its Father-on-Earth ... whence ... forthwith, the dragon spews its venomous flood of personal contempt, hatred for Christian Science, to drown-out the very reality of why and how we are here on Earth (be)neath the more heavenly spiritual view of immortal man. Rising from the sea, of human belief weighed with fears, and swayed with spheres, typifies the essentially democratic rule by which a few Church Readers are elected over their congregation temporarily.

The Earth, that receptive thought of weak and tired mortal humanity watching and waiting for what good may float its way, gloms onto the seeming perverse obfuscation imposed upon it from the dragon's complaint, for that little good it finds, because this is its native air and substance of (its) thought: altogether crude to the woman and her child - even as that first spacer woman, Mrs. Jehovah, and her son, Adam, found the crude civility of Earth-living. The flood from the dragon merely helps spread the good to the Earth's bounds and extremes: as even enemies bless.

The beast, rising from this sea of that human ignorance of Christ-Truth yet carrying and sharing its soggy crumbs of good, having seven heads, ten horns (as did the preceding dragon), and (here) ten crowns, is The Mother Church and its Publishing Society, having together seven Trustees (heads): four over the Church, and three over the Society. None can do war with this (beast) Church: it is appointed 42 months, the shorter estimate (short) of 400 years (by Mercury's ratiocination), from ca. AD 1910, at Mrs. Eddy's passing, to ca. AD 2310 (2304). (She flees ever higher this Earthly scene on spiritual thoughts winged-with-love, ultimately into her highest wilderness refuge [even unto her mausoleum]). In 1921, an internal battle (before the Massachusetts Supreme Judiciary court [2]) between the two boards resulted in the four Trustees of the Church declaring titular "final authority", and overwhelming the three of the Society, subsequently excommunicating (as killing) one, and firing (as injuring) one of its own in the process (in a related court case [2]). The fifth Director of the Church (not a trustee, that is, as St. John later put it, the body is the eighth, but is not a head - REV17:11) assisted in the mele, as only two Trustees sought action, and that by telephone, not verifiable presence. The Directors totaling eight, are no longer merely personal representatives, as cardinals, nor as first members, but are officials elected with sufficient merit, as indicated by the ten horns of human ordeal with the Ten Commandments (and) collectively among them wearing the ten crowns of success. [There is an eleventh, Thou Shalt Not Steal Back, but it is as a second eighth, a replacement for the slipped crown on the dead head's horn, and is the means by which that shall be healed marvelously: as Jesus forgave the adulterous woman]. The expelled member, Mr. Herbert Willoughby Eustace, subsequently proved his liveliness and adherence to Mrs. Eddy's teachings, as addressed and evidenced in his own certainly useful book, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: ITS CLEAR, CORRECT TEACHING. That he has not yet been (publicly) reinstated in the Church, suggests our approximate position today, ca. 1994, in the progress of St. John's vision made manifest in (our) spiritual understanding [to be announced] - the mechanical reason being that for a while it seemed he may have been her successor (next), and the other, a Trustee of the Church, the 'dead' head - but that is not accurate, nevertheless: the former is nearer the right answer. [There is also the wrong answer, that a Board member [shall be] killed and raised from the dead in a very secular public showing, causing the world to marvel; And, there is also the meaningless answer, that one of the Board members is gay, but it will be a woman [3], and therefor (she will be) clean and harmless (possibly as a legal mistress), and therefor meaning less in Christ's Law, save that this, too, blesses humanity with crumbs of comfort; and this will (likely) precede the wrong answer as the Church struggles to reconcile itself to the right answer.]

Recently (today, and perhaps many a time) a Mother Church Board member was suggested as Mrs. Eddy's Personal Successor, but this is very out-line to St. John's perceived prophecy. He [the Director] did manage to knock at the next advance St. John foresaw, of talking moving images, by the second (beast), of the first (beast), getting all people to worship it through television, and improve and advance all Christendom till it be known as Christian Scientist, as Mrs. Eddy prophesied for today (PUL22:9;MY151:1-16;342:19); but alas, a back-burn, a poison pill (which could be healed) attempting to thwart its naive simplicity by ghastly cannibalism - much as high definition television technology, HDTV, attempts to thwart improved NTSC and stereo'eyes'ed full definition television, FDTV. (It is reasonably possible that said Board member, is as one more of Michael's angels subduing that luminous dragon's image: on TV.) And it is the successor's job to establish the second beast, as Mrs. Eddy did the first, and specifically this means the Son Dey School [4] (or Saturday Sabbath School) of Christ Science: as the second beast had two lamb's horns, the keeping of the two great Commandments, and no crown on its pure-child-like trustee's endeavors, and it had the causal power to excommunicate gay-diatribal fundamentalists, with Christianly Scientifically correct deduced explanations of (the) Scripture(s). And the talking moving images will do much better at appealing to, and assuaging the prurient interests of humanity, than the first century's Sunday School Lesson-Sermons (ref: MIS114:2): including (predictably, again, because we are slightly ahead of our 'today' at the point in exposition), '4-D' four-dimensional video (that is, moving, stereo'eyes'ed) images of Mrs. Eddy herself, reconstructed and regenerated by computer, both imagery, and in fitting her own lecture words to her mouth, face, and hands, and ultimately in logical reconstitution of her meaning: that it will say new things not heard nor written before but entirely consistent with her own teaching and demonstration: it will again heal the sick, merely watching this global (tele)vision, and improve and advance all Christendom till it shall be known as Christian Scientist, as Mrs. Eddy prophesied for today (PUL22:9;MY151:1-16;342:19); and even possibly this very 'book' or significant parts of it (such as, as delicious cinematic rendition of Adam in Eden, so innocently scripted and portrayed that even it shall neither affront nor disinform).

Coming forth on the land, means, the firm foundational understanding gained in both the Christian Science Sunday School, and in the ordinary school sciences and mathematics: even as Moses had of Pharaoh. And even as this little work of a hundred pages [in book-form] turns human thought upward to a vastly more royal outlook, even so Mrs. Eddy's successor may predictably become Grand Admiral of the United States of America nuclear aerospace army/navy (as Solomon's navy was wisest on Earth), even King of outer space, to rule the whole world indeed, even with the power and authority of 239Plutonium, even as it were mere iron. Not so much bull-snort, as lamb-(lost)-play, may divert human thought into these new channels; He shall lead a space navy/army of intellectuals, scientific (mental) twins of the nations' best, to conquer the solar system from Earth to Pluto and Pluton, and beyond: even as a child may play with toy solders of both sides, so this ultimate successor will intelligently play both Church (Science) and State (Mathematics) in balanced librations; as Christ Science (as it applies to Earth's humanity) is caught up to divine Science; as her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. (REV12:5) The song of Moses may mean a new hymn of rejoicing for the Commandments; the harps, a simple piano accompaniment (as in Sunday School).

Lastly, the crowned reaper wielding the sickle, a little slow getting around to this last task of harvest until it was ready, divides humanity, the real from the secular. The exact placement of this may be delayed three hundred years from today (ca. 1992) as there is no sooner age limit on the preceding beasts, nor on the success of the Lamb's choir army. Its meaning is therefor less resolved: it may even intone a final division, for a thousand years, of the Earthers from the new Spacers seeking out Mrs. Jehovah's people with a permanent exalted view of heaven, leaving in their wake a more neutral nucleus of Earth government. Temporal estimates may vary, especially without fixed outstanding signs in the heavens. If we attempt a fitting of zodiac signs to intervals of years, we risk division isolating events within our Church as merely the passage of hours (time wasted); and events mean more to some persons than others: St. John himself next amplifies, or, time-dilates, the later years. A business opens on-time: the employees must be ready on-time; but once open, it's all work, work, work, watch and pray (MBE), with little purpose to watching the clock, save it is wise to know, as the events will arrive, what these are, to be especially ready.

... [continuing to REV15] ...

[1: Bliss Knapp, Destiny of the Mother Church, writes of early works in the Christian Science Movement]
[2: #35,653 and #35,788 (ref: March 8, 1920, The Christian Science Monitor, pgs. 8-12: Report of the Master, Judge Frederick Dodge)]
[3: though the general meaning of, gay, might apply here, overt intimacy, irreverent frivolity, blatant experimentation (as many students believe they follow their leader rather than working where she has lead them), the special meaning appeared when Rev. Eddy discovered she had to excuse a female student from taking her Class, for the tendency to believe in monogenesis -- for otherwise, young ladies are brought-up kissing mommy and daddy, brothers and sisters, pets, friends, eventually husband and children: and the healing work has other priorities than redirecting society]
[4: as her Mother Church, so his Son Dey School: Her successor (is) a man. (MY342:19-10)]

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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