A funds-transfer tracking system, fully accounting discounting,
for use on the direct-acting https-web [secure-internet]

The 'Golden' Rule


FAQC (Frequently Answered Questions, Comments)

With the advance of on-line banking, we can actually remove the first-level inflation of the Treasury investing at the prime rate, by fully automating, fully accounting, and fully discounting at each entry. Of course, bank lending is the next big factor of inflation, but with the advance of on-line individual self-empowerment for timeless deference (no-interest credit that must be receivable proportionably to individual standing balances), a reduction in this factor of inflation becomes mensurable.

pdqbanking empowers individuals globally for crediting at the person-to-person transactions level.

Q: There must be a catch!?

A: No:
The pdqbuyer pays the pdqseller a portion in cash-like preference, and the remaining portion of the total in discount-like deference, for an instant pdqcredit.

Q: What's it cost to use?! Another card to carry? Monthly statement?

A: No:
It's on the internet, and, there is no interest, no sales tax, no income tax, paid on the deference portion.

Q: There must be a catch! a membership fee, a buyers' preference plan, ... banner advertisements?

A: No: no fee - there may be advertisements to cover the cost of operating the internet/web server, but nothing hideously scaled by the size of your transactions: We're not bucking commercial, we're accelerating commerce for the future.

Q: Who pays for this credit-advance service?!

A: No payment is needed: it's computed, and that's sufficient.

Q: You mean I can charge a portion of each small transaction, and never pay interest? Ho, this is too good to believe.

A: It is good: But believe, and as ye freely give, so shall ye receive.

Q: Ahhh - I think I caught the clue: If I use it, I must receive it - that's a catch - well, not exactly a catch.

A: Exactly!

Q: But how, what keeps someone from dumping this deference on me?

A: The line of honesty: You may receive in proportion you hold of giving: but that line is a long line: you may never receive it all back - in fact, once deference is in the system it works quite like good money: better money, actually.


Q: How does pdqb fit into the present banking system?

A: Directly grafted-on:
The deference portion becomes accessible to the account holder, as a second numeric balance empowering on-line spending.

Q: Who controls a pdqb transaction?

A: The pdqb calculation is based on all the account information publicly available for the individual:

Thus any transactor can query the pdqb system; and any transaction involving pdqb is controlled by that querying bank.

Q: How much is revealed to the public about my pdqbank account?

A: The pdqb ratio and the sufficient-funds acknowledgment are instantial public information at the point of transaction: This is standard security protocol for ephemeral data; The preference and deference quantities are non-public information. Any transactor or bank can query the pdqb system to ascertain whether the buyer has an account, whether the given bank account is included, and then the transaction parameters: it is to the advantage of the account holder to include all accounts into the pdqb database, else transactors may prefer more and defer less.

Q: Then the pdqb system must have information on all accounts for each individual?

A: Yes:
The pdqbank system is the centralizer, by reason of its deference amount applied to all preference accounts in aggregate per individual.

There are two lines related to honesty:

  1. paying with deference ratioed as much as seller has in balance spent deference ratioed
  2. accepting preference as much as buyer has spending pattern ratio


Transfers between accounts require proportions of preference on the continuum * limited to: Commercial organizations offering time-special pricing to their general clientele may also linearly interpolate said incentive during such event, by day, or continually.


pdqbanking is a noninflationary record of transactions, consisting of a total direct electronic funds transfer, partitioned into the preference amount, equivalent of ordinary available cash or checking, and the deference amount, equivalent of amounts owed no man but to the system, but not recoverable as nor exchangeable with preference: deference may be deemed, creative financing. Preference and Deference are measured in the same units, hereïn denoted '*' called *nterStars or *nterClams, equal to one US dollar, $1.00, whether preference or deference: The p+d sum equals the amount of the ordinary transaction without mark-up nor discount (whence the appellative, FAD fully accounted discounting), however balanced between p and d - the quotient of p/d provides a line-of-honesty: the receiver is not required to accept more deference than is held as outgo (negative income) proportionally in account-balance: calculus proves the line-of-honesty LOH = p*d - the receiver may publicly accept more deference proportionally, to incentive sales, but remaining fully accounted: whence the discount is real, and not written-off.

System-wide, (private) individually accounted preference:deference holdings quickly tend to 50-50% [50% preference-held against 50% deference-spent (negative-held)] and below as merchants accept pdqb payment till the purchaser account achieves zero-preference. The (private) individual generally exists anywhere in pdqb summary Quadrants I and IV [positive preference-held, positive or negative deference-held or spent] - while merchants tend to exist in pdqb summary Quadrant I [positive preference-held, and excess positive deference-received-held, typically promotionally]. As national banking itself incorporates pdqb, the Treasury tracks monies infused into the economy on the exact zero-balance, 50-50% - the Treasury (alone, and by Congressional Money Order) tends to exist near the equi-slope in pdqb summary Quadrant II [negative preference-held, positive deference-held] as cash is minted, printed, and loaned to Reserve Banks, for equal deference-return - offset by taxed preference tax revenues collected.

* [The continuum property means, by calculus the proportions are followed instantaneously continually along the receiver's line-of-honesty]


For USA federal income-tax purposes, the preference quantity received in the year is taxable, while, the deference quantity received in the year is nontaxable. If at some time some year for some reason an exchange is made, wherein some portion of deference-held is converted to (equal) preference, the quantity of preference newly held becomes taxable as income received in that year. This does not occur for the purchaser in general commerce: as the deference portion in a transaction is part-payment, not received. [This may occur in special "p-for-d" loans, financial restructurings, and legal bankruptcy proceedings, whereïn generally: Excess preference received in a conversion is a gift - excess deference paid is a cost - taxability being determined by other non-pdqb rules]


An applicant organization must affirm and attest priority-one clearances for their accounting department, and all persons handling, accounting, controlling, budgeting, programming finances and monies: no person who has ever possessed, used, bought, sold, conveyed, received, financed, paid- or received- monies -for, protected, controlled, accessioned drugs deemed contraband under USA jurisdictions and authorities. Furthermore, said persons must affirm and attest that they conscientiously command their specified office and maintain said priority-one clearance, and retroactively.

pdqbanking has currently set-up accounts for its USA 501(c)3 non-profit parent organization project 'lambhorn' and its separable subsidiary project SesQuaTercet productions, and for its conjunctive parent Wision--SesQuaTercet USA productions, and for its production of ARCHAEODUS [First Journey] Adam in Eden, and for project N E M O (NEMO Nuclear Emergency Management) Advanced Public Adult Basic Education department, for its liaisonship with said SesQuaTercet, and for Lanthus Corporation, which as of January 10, 2001, also surrogate-operates pdqbanking services as a division, for project 'lambhorn', and for its subsidiaries including PUBNATSEC public national security and LASTCOM AeroSpace Command (tba).


pdqbanking utilizes on-web https-secure and java-encrypting internet services, keeping:
  1. accounts of authorized and authorizing 'p-d-q' transactions
  2. escrows of instigating documents, deeds, options, agreements, vouchers, precursor or pursuant to funds transfers

Additional articles

If you are looking for articles about pdqbanking, please read further comments, the Investment-Debt-Structure of money, an early description of pdqbanking, from The Ledger of the Christ Science. The program author, designer, project director, Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, has previously engineered and programmed the LPSAS stock accounting system for Linkabit CORP, ca. 1972, for identifying, purchasing, and cost-tracking of contractual and in-house component supplies on the US SAC CPM/P, USNavy UFO, etc., contracts for USA and military secure TEMPEST communications.
1980,1998-2002 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
a Lanthus division