The Jewish Type
(The Pool at BethEsda)

Now, Mrs. Eddy reminds us that the physical senses bind humanity into a common experiential solution to dividing between sense and Soul, through the spiritual understanding and demonstration of our divine Principle of harmony.

Now, the Pool at BethEsda represents two types of Jewish religion. This pool was built-up: surrounded by a deck with five covered porches; off to one side was the (covered and enclosed) temple; and the pool itself was uncovered to the sky.

Now, one Jewish type is the hand of man (with God): the temple, the arm, the dark interior thoughts emanating forth as worship and control; the porches, the five fingers by which meticulous, dextrous, diligent work is done, and the pool, the palm, the capacity to do good, replenished (full) of the good that gains in and wells-up from the understanding, (or) that rains down from the heavenly source of all refreshment.

Now, the second Jewish type is the mind or communion of man (with God): all human thoughts entering in by the five physical senses, the five portals - the five porches being the five manifestations, eyes, ears, tongue, nose, flesh (skin or body in general) - the separation of the porches making these senses distinct, and resistant to all other sense of being or thought - the pool, the conscious memory, the wealth of wisdom and understanding, sometimes troubled by the heaving of Earthly existence, sometimes by the breath of a stiff stormy belief in erroneous relationships, but mostly calm and reflective; the temple, the thinking and reasoning with God (and the standard of good, which the Jews defined from within, and regulated with strict, religious morality), lighted by a little personal consumption of sins, the burning candles of (contrition for) personal experience with unredeemable vices, unpalatable woes, and unmalleable faults; and with full refreshing openess to the heaven-sent sense of life, being, and existence, which rains on all everywhere. (Separately, the Jews regarded rivers as a type of Earthly tributary of parental wisdom gathered through the ages of collective experience).

Now, the metaphysical, the infinite meaning, is also two types. The one is the "conscious, constant capacity to know and do the will of God" (MBE) - notice that this combines both Jewish types of in-and-out, of giving-and-receiving - and, the other is the reflection of man's oneness with God, his infinite resource, the Father, the Creator and Lord (or Mind) of all - which again relates it to both Jewish types, and culminates in the first metaphysical type, the demonstrable Christian Science, or divine Science as it applies to humanity through the avenues of The Mother Church - variously; and we might take them together (congregationally) as, the (written) Lesson, the (spoken) Sermon, the (tasted) Healing, the (smelt) Service, and the (felt) Membership.

Now, the Jews were irreconciliably opposed to the worship of idols (depicting person-dieties), but they continually built their whole forms of religion around and according to their sense and concept of spiritualized humanity: human existence elevated in thought and deed to the purpose and plan of the one God or one I AM (that I am, said Moses).

Now, men are not trees, and should not be depicted as trees .. therefor, a follow-up secondary note shall be added to this altogether brief article regarding the exactness of types: The nearest to sure evidence (by scholarly report) of said pool at BethEsda is located at the pool of BethZatha, between the temple and the sheep-gate; and the pool is not quite so simplistic as the new-world thought of porches: apparently there are two pools (now the remains of two), and the five porches are four porticoes surrounding, plus one crossing the middle, dividing between the two pools (perhap refiguring the division of waters above the Earth, from the waters beneath, or of Moses crossing the sea on dry ground): And we may consider the portico within as the sense of taste, the one sense that requires ingestion, consumption of the object thing itself, thus cleaving suffiency and necessity; and so keep our depiction fresh, and clearly seen. It must be noted therefore that works (books) of this nature must yield their spirituality to Truth, and if they make an error of statement, that mistake ought cause its announcer and claimant to blush, and (that mistake) must be yielded-up to correction, as tares (weeds) sown among the wheat, that ultimately must be distinguished as being of no accomplishments (or more humorously, the we'd's articulate in we-would's and we-had's, rather less fruitful and unlike we-did's), but both must grow, even as the tree of the knowledge (knowing only untended and wild) good and evil, must have grown in the Garden of Eden. If such a pool did exist, it may have been located elsewhere; if not, it may have been seen in the mind's-eye of the redactors and translators of that Scripture. However necessary the exactness of types must be, may depend on the reader's demand for proof-of-existence-and-uniqueness (a very mathematical concept though not a perquisite thereof) - while the more spiritually discerning may appreciate the type for what it is: a type of intents and purposes, giving way to higher types.

Now, history has shown that the Jews built temples, and someone else tore them down: that was their highest sense of giving way - but readers of this work (book) may discern the real giving way (may be) to find Mrs. YHWH, and her hosts of heaven: That, too, is a higher type, one not foreseen on Earth; and the highest (type) being, even for Mrs. YHWH herself, to love the one God and keep all (His) commandments: loving one's neighbor (on Earth or in Space) as one's self, as the always higher type and demonstration. You can't get there from here: you can't follow types: you must yield these, here, and expand, here, until, here, is all there is. This is divine Love's way of reflection in the pool of divine Science, ensconced within the five covered porches of absolute Soul: relation (reckoning), reflection (repeating), retribution (reasoning), reformation (realizing), and, revelation (rejoicing) - which you can see immediately when you stand there, there, there, and, there. (You can see divine Love's way of reformation (realization) in the pool of divine Science right there, etc.) And of such are the healings in Christian Science: as Jesus twice healed a blind man who came back seeing men as trees once: first the necessity, then the sufficiency, so are true healings double efforts, both necessary and sufficient - more than this is not Scientific, and less is not Christian. (Never fear to give a cup of cold water in Christ's name, and never fear the consequences (MBE); nor neglect to turn the other cheek: giving two cups as you are entitled in this Science).

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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