Hidden Since the Genesis of the Earth

Before Abraham was, I am. (JOHN8:58)

Between the chapters and verses, regarding the foundation of the Earth in (its) solar orbit, until mankind, lie accountless eons of astro-geological history: no-one tells; no-one lived on Earth, so far as scholars can tell: carbon-fourteen (14C used for radio-carbon assay dating) depletes in a million years, and other methods yield scant improvements to extend the theoretical history of persons upon Earth, and none in space. Briefly we sketch that the Earth formed with its twin, Venus, in rhythmical round amidst the early dust plane encircling our sun: the two planets vying for orbital mechanical advantage, and our Earth locating in the ideal habitably temperate choice. (Venus, astronomically closer to our sun, double-heated, overheated and spoiled its land, oceans, and atmosphere early-on - otherwise its poleward latitudes (would) have been balmy tropics; its poles, year-round sunny ski-resorts. Mars, beyond, twinned with the disasteroid [SIC] planet (belt), and being smaller, cooled faster, and may have sported an early eon of vegetation on its lands still warm within the dust blanket enshrouding the fledgling sun - and every so often since, a large comet or asteroid strikes one of its (north or south) poles where its atmosphere froze-out, and revitalizes its air for a brief olympian flourish until it freezes-out again, but not detectably recently, say the planetary specialists). Earth thrived: its oceans stayed; its air rained water, but not air (except in the far north, now, seasonally (gaseous) carbon-dioxide freezes-out as frost, then revaporizes); vegetation gained dominion; and animals populated and filled the realms of seas and lands. Early vegetation experienced mild seasons until the night sky cleared to star-lit stark clarity. Early animals likewise migrated only across epochs, not yearly; and so long was their reign, that species-inbred giants fawned in the balmy eons between astro-geological calamities. Where did (such) voluptuous and strange creatures come from? but as naturally as the chemistries of clay, say biology specialists - or perhap through the mutations stirred-up by intense neutrino-light (and later by volumes of radio-active dust) from near-by supernovae (which did happen: and occameral [SIC] scholars must eventually consider their ramifications) in seeds sown among the stars - or for that matter the center of the whole cosmos, at astronomically remote time and distance, may have poured-out continually but less periodically intense neutrino-light-radio-waves (fast-moving spatial aether bumps, which may also account for the atomic nuclearly spurious disintegrations of uranium and thorium, etc., occurring seemingly impossibly infrequently in their atomic nuclear time-scales). Or, did they descend into our cosmos as bait from outside?! as speculative matter?! What we disprove at one scale may have occurred at another: as surely as we unwind the snarls of human spirituality in perfect harmony. The fundamentalistic (preacher) says the cosmos began with the Christ-ideal-light, ca. 3670 B.C., complete with millions of years of history, and billions of astro-geology; and that we need not search Earth's precursor for control of this present experience, any more than we search for the dream tree that produced the dream peach: ignoring what preceded even that. But the far past may be scientifically deduced as readily as the far future: Cause is the reality of Effect.

With reasonable reassurance we place the lonely arrival of Jehovah and Adam in Eden ca. 3670 BC; suggesting they were exiled or outcast (or outcaste). Her selection and (later) insistence of her location ideal suggests a global perspective; their reputed uncommon longevity and very personal sense of God (presence, that inspired their religious development forever after) suggest an extra-terrestrial origin; their scientific approach to gardening and especially to Adam's naming procedure for land animals, not plants, confirms this, or at least an extra-popular origin, disguising Jehovah's lack of taxonomic knowledge of Earth's fauna as Adam's childhood fresh-start pet-naming convention. Jehovah's disinterest in further progeny, and complete confidence in Adam and Eve's marriage, and her short-lived lackadaisical and less godly-lordly attendances there-after, suggest a very independent and unresigned though remote loyalty, and possibly an expected return to their (her) pre-exilic nature; and that intones some furtherance of communication back there-with. Yet, Adam's apparent lack of written language (unless it was lost and buried in Noah's time flood), suggests either the opposite and contradiction to their scientificity, or, plausibly the necessity for Adam and Eve to blend-in with the local culture: that is, Adam, not Jehovah, was the exile or outcast (or outcaste) - as another article herein imputes and attributes the unusual coincidences of planetary alignments to (Adam's) semi-scientific autism - and in this case their prior scientific culture was capable of diagnosing Adam's mild introspection, and was more amenable to Jehovah's return. It would be interesting to show that Science and longevity go hand-in-hand, but (it is) not Earth's ordinary forensic sciences. Further, Abel's longevity was all too brief, suggesting possibly a lingering unfamiliarity with the harshness of Earth's gravity, and presumptuousness with its more ravenous beasts.

The story of lost Atlantis cuts and grades an avenue for a superior culture to have mingled with lesser tribes of mankind, but at least one good exegesis puts the demise of the Atlantean subcontinent on the Dauphin sea-plateau, west of the European continent, and ca. 10,000 B.C., several millennia earlier than Jehovah - a course of refuge would have included many more survivors than one pregnant woman and her small child, and would have landed them on the nearer coast of the land of Canaan (in the Jordan River region), not the Euphrates and Persian Gulf area. If they were later exiles from such refugees, we should find a much more advanced society remnant somewhere on Earth - none is known: in all the Jewish diasporas since, we have not found any peoples preserving and exhibiting their original characteristic longevity: whence we deduce, Jehovah was an original amid a larger context of descendants on Earth. And inasmuch as the Bible refers to Jehovah firstly as, LORD GOD, we should be so advised that the locals believed Jehovah, and Adam, the first of the sons of God, to have descended from space (heaven). Only a contrivance would place and then exile Jehovah, as a singularly dynamic mutant of longevity, intellect, and purpose, in or from an ordinary line of descent of some other people - and this should warn us of the theory of invidious beings from outer-space collectively invading, impregnating, and inhabiting one woman's offspring through aether-ripple-steering: a theory which corrupts to some extent every other cultural (talk-story) belief of the origin of man and the universe without a God-Principle.

We may rightly and safely assume that Jehovah came to Earth in temporary exile: choosing from space-view a suitably deserted but temperate garden site and fishing ground at the year-round confluence of four major rivers into an all-season warm gulf (albeit without adaquate knowledge and foresight of local geological and meteorological disruptions); and leaving behind husband (mate, possibly deceased) and fellow spacers, she (Jehovah) retained her personal history of honors, her lordly title, among her descendant kin; and promises to visit. Her former people considered Earth a gravity trap, where we consider it a gravity well, and have stayed their distance or gone their way (not likely further than the nearst stars). They likely dwell as in (our) vision of the heavenly city, and amid the building blocks (asteroids) between the stars. And they've used the Earth many a time as a space-moron colony: a man-dump-site; and Adam may have been the millennial opportune planting to (re)hybridize the Earth's population, and prepare it a place (as a house) for the LORD's people. Heaven-on-Earth, then, is the (new) freedom to come and go between the two societies, and (re)discover man's true heritage and deathless origin among the stars of the cosmos, as the Sons of God-Almighty.

(Like waking-up from a dream: we didn't recall falling asleep).

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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