Three-and-a-half Garbage Rules

"Thy will be done on Earth as it [the Earth] is in [the] heaven." (Christ Jesus)

Rule#1: Joke about it: You don't really want to get into it, to get out of it. You know the plaintive joke: the nation that generates the most per capita garbage, pays the most per capita lawyer retainer fees. Humor frequently draws attention to the very specific concern: garbage is what reaches most quickly beyond you and your customer. The fourth commandment (after Jesus' third, to love one another as Church) is, to love your neighbor's neighbor as family.

Rule#2: Everything has its right place. This is mortal mind's rule: It begins at once to change your thought of what garbage is or might be, to what garbage is not and should not be: is not in its right place; should not have to be thought about, to stop thinking about it. But we do still need to say what we should be thinking about: obviously this rule applies to all things, not just garbage - so, beware that others may not hold such an elevated view of things out-of-place: you're responsible for your own demonstration of this rule. Why mortal mind? Because, mortal mind is ignorant of itself and its deeds: it argues for itself from a basis of things: its concept of right is not always what's best for it; and it presumes God endows it with intelligence, and with that right. Mortal mind is a tyrant: just try to obey that rule: it's a very human endeavor just to keep-up with the dictatorial demands of ignorance, error, and nonintelligent things: you can never really out-guess what it will say next ... it says (you) may be wrong about Truth, and by it you are: better its dissolutionment, than its foment .... But supporting and sustaining the human concept of right is the divine law that says, Every spiritual idea finds its right place in the [immortal] divine Mind only, and never in matter. That really takes out the garbage: no matter, no garbage. Is the finding hard or slow? No, with no matter to search through, it is spontaneously right, and immediately found: it is never lost, because, it never got into matter nor out of Mind to become lost there. And what's really great is, if you know the spiritual idea, you know where it may be found. The third commandment then is, to love church (home, too, and school).

Rule#3: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any [garbage] of anything, that is in the heaven above, or the Earth beneath, that is in the waters under the Earth; thou shalt not bow down thyself to [garbage] nor serve [garbage], for I the Lord our God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments; [and] thou shalt not take [the power nor even] the name of the Lord thy God in vain." That really brings the rule home: people, yourself for example, are involved. Whatever you do and say has to be clean at every step: it really requires you to put the preceding rule into practice for yourself, since that is the only thing you can do, if you are going to not make garbage. And it means you are never going to do any less than what is best for thee and me and thine and all, Its injunction starts right in your thought, and controls therefore everything, what you say, and what you do. Its metaphysical meaning is, do all to good: do and be right, is the only worthy endeavor and evidence of law-abiding conscience. Anything else doesn't need to be done. The second commandment then is, to love your neighbor as yourself.

Rule#4: If you are going to move garbage, be sure to move it off the Earth. And you thought Rule#3 was challenging ... Rule#4 is out-of-this-world. Yet this is exactly right: you've been about it for longer than seems: A baby in a high-chair launches used chicken bones flying over the far horizon of the dinner tray: all done, all gone: A little harder throw is requisite to put chicken bones into low Earth (space) orbit (LEO), but, the intent initiates the sequence. You live by putting out, not putting up, nor padding through, garbage. In a clean society, garbage is always at the remotest reach: outside the house, outside the livable space ... ultimately outer-space altogether. It just keeps going out, outer, outest: it takes a bold man to go where only his garbage has gone before ... and take it out to the furthest. Yet this is mankind's inescapable, great destiny, to reach for the stars, and take out the garbage: there's nothing that garbage is, that stars and supernovae (stars) did not make first. And to render unto the stars the things which belong to the stars, is parallel to man's highest purpose on Earth; for every action there's an equally opposite re-action, whence the only value of garbage is in getting rid of it in the spiritual right direction: the very first commandment being, love God supremely, and render unto God, that which is God's.

Granted, this last rule is the greatest, fore-most; and the first rule, the least, aft-most, and only a half-rule even then, for if you've been assiduous on the first three, these point by practiced induction to the fourth. And, we may ask and add, what economic gain is this beyond mounting cavilry? But that, garbage aught to be better ruled and less lawyered, relegated out of thought only by intelligence and thorough appreciation, and neither amplified nor continued.* And, we are ready for (to learn) these rules before the garbage flies.

* [You can't afford to generate a lot of rocket exhaust garbage just to launch a little chicken bone garbage into orbit; and we only allowed it for very expensive payloads, but even that not forever]

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction * RKPetry

The Son Dey School of Christ Science

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances herein to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (states). May your tabernacle measure true.


© 1996 Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

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