St. John's REVELATION of Christ, Scientist

... declaring the end from the beginning (ISA45:10)

Scriptural revelation was the work of inspired thinkers drawing their refreshment and and relations from previous writers, and developing their own thought in exposition: Couched in their contemporary knowledge, these writings appealed locally, while yet obscured from the dabbling and daunting barbarian fashions, and so remote from us as to elicit ridicule and neglect, albeit quite unnecessarily ... Prophet and priest reminded the children of Isaac to keep in line, and see their own place, prestige, and power enlarged: it was immediate; it met their need; but prophecy, through Love's sincerity, meets all needs - in their times, and to come ....

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The last time a temple (of God) in heaven was opened, there was on Earth a great civil upheaval (war) in America (ca. 1861-5); and it was followed by the introduction of the woman with her Christ-child. The second time around we see the temple of testimony open - meaning, unpredictable illumination - and we'll find the same woman yet in the same wilderness (of passing) as there is only one wilderness: being all that which is wild-er-ness [SIC] - the Christ-child long-ago caught-up to heaven (Scientific harmony) and she'll be confronting and conquering the same beast (crownless and scarlet, meaning, injured old of its cumulated pride, sensually inflamed: for it (the Church) is then scientifically dead and adulterated, thieving, murderous, covetous, Sabbathless, iconic, etc., itself failing all Ten Commandments). It may so be that in the last decades(s) before ca AD. 2332, that an armaggedon sufficient to incite the spacer community to secede from its Union with Earth, and (to tempt) to throw-back Earthers from space interests beyond LEO (Low Earth Orbit wherein are all manner of communications and observations satellites of interest in science and technology on Earth), may well-up in a star-wars-scenario (to be) quashed finally in the six thousand years of Earth history since Adam in Eden: the woman of the apocalypse shall then reappear, but this Second Civil War will have quenched all human desire for the turmoil over literalisms: having attained the understood agreement retained in Christ's United Science of Humanity: the Kingdom of Heaven. The the LORD's two winesses shall be killed, rendered assunder: the two books , the Bible, and SCIENCE AND HEALTH, the dual Pastor of Christian Scientists on this sphere, shall be banned (briefly) - the cross and crown found-out, that is, death may be then likened to be as a back-drop of stars, and remagnification to visible proportions of planets about other (near) stars may be achieved by that technology (perhap as space telescopes get ever larger, enough to resolve stellar disks at interstellar distances, as our near planets can be so resolved today) - perhap even the one example long yearned-for shall be found: a case of a so-called direct re(in)carnation (that is, onto another planet; about another star), perhap (believably) Jesus or Mrs. Eddy: which will trouble some, even as fire insurance on Church edifices troubles* many who believe God's special protection for constant, consecrated prayer to Him - but the merriment will be typical Christmas joys, gift-giving, Frankincense, Myrr, ... and last but a few days in Science, until all again recognize their own individual responsibility for scientific progress, on Earth, and in Heaven (space), and return with full vigor to overcome every last claim of literalism - spacer literalisms as well - Mrs. Eddy's signature and cross and her literal-based, KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, shall be removed from SCIENCE AND HEALTH, ca. AD 2310; and then Mrs. Eddy's body shall be exhumed from her mausoleum, for she never (will have) returned, but invites (us) to visit and find her in her vast wilderness; and cremated, as no longer needful to us nor to her: the last vestige of human understanding of body will be found as unnecessary, expensive, and useless as a second house or a second Earth for those who never return, and who have sufficient (house) always with them, in heaven (in space), (and) not builded with hands (by child birthing, growth, maturity and decay). And then men shall reign with their God, on Earth as it is in (among the) Heaven, for a thousand years, until they begin to worry again over progress ever heavenward. St. John gives us more detail.

Prophecy is always from a perspective: that of the prophets. Whence beasts with horns, etc. tend always to be representative of activity, animus, affinity, avenue, acclimation: they are individual and complete ideas of Mind, whence their identities; they hold scientific taxonomic relations of Life, Spirit, and Soul, as we discern them. And sometimes good and evil can seem completely inverted in their presentiment (to our sensibilities), even as we previously found the scientific interpretation of the tree-of-the-knowledge-of-good-and-evil was an experimental-control tree left only to nature's whims, good-and-evil, in the degree we understood nature. Furthermore, all prophecy must unite in the history of Christian Science on Earth: as Mind is one, and its Science is one, whatever is complete and all-inclusive, must be also discerned by all. Good and evil must both apply to this Science, as there is nothing else save human misinterpretation or misgiving by which it may so name evil, but it is only to be gained in the spiritual understanding where the evil of matter disappears entirely; and the evil which Christian Science names is the only evil left to mankind's reputation. We therefor proceed with St. John's REVELATION withal as it points to Christian Science.

The opening of the temple of testimony (REV15) also suggests a refreshed and renewed redaction of REVELATION; and whether in parallel or sequential, we must locate this in time, in step, and in tune: it is another overlay , another fugue, another nimble run and contrapunto - Babylon has fallen already, we read - we must perceive it from another setting, another metre, in St. John's well-orchestrated concert of music for the heavenly spheres (sun, moon, planets, stars) in their infinite sphere of heaven itself (untouchable in all directions on Earth). St. John's need to prophesy again (for his own day), was as bitterness for the comprehension of Truth yet to be: he was heaving out all the rapture of Heaven and Earth, but it wasn't fully satisfying yet: for its words (thoughts) were sweet forms, as to taste, but yet emptily, insubstantially disagreed with (his) mere consumption of contemporary rival sins. (REV10:9-11) The churlish churning and vile failures of depicted humanity throughout REVELATION are in part and in sum (an) evil we need not touch: it stems only from the reluctance of erroneous (thoughts) to accede to new and higher demands of the Spirit of Truth: St. John felt this as bitterness; we see this seeming flood of lust for bitterness in today's world, as bitterness served as food, family, friends, federations, things quite normal made almost frivolous with spoilage, that is, eaten away, yet lust brings us no closer to reality. Mankind ought not put itself second to microbes, meniality, and machinations, but take dominion with Truth and Love, put away the unnecessary evils, and ameliorate those that remain. (Then this book might never have been merely as tasted, but read and understood to all action forthwith and forthright). Jesus' ascension (has) to be followed in practical ways; not merely by a few, as of Pharaoah's faithful sorcerers of materiels (materials) sciences, attempting to effect truth with approximations, but in full freedom of the Truth. Putting away crawl-baby antics is the daily demand of Love, but not by subterfuge, not by inhalations and ingestions (save that these must be pure, but not as purified addle, nor distilled vapors, alcohols, and ethers, nor as gay refinements, but as fresh air and clean water), and not by self-debilitations nor self-defeats, false religions and substitute careers (or niche-hopping, but enlarged). St. John loved his readers enough to taste-and-tell, and so risk mimicry for a glimpse of Truth's coming on Earth.

The act begins; we've been forewarned, and foretold; now we must testify thusly: there is no more hope in dreams, nor avenues in visions of peace, and no safety in destructions; there is only the one right answer, and rightly unfolding it, and rightly living it. And this brings healing, for that which was not (absolutely, ultimately) right, must pass: the dragon, the beast, and (the beast becoming the well-considered**) false-prophet must lose that sedentary, desultory spirit, the frog-in-their-voices croaking among the flood water springs, their loose tongues that made them seem to be saying terrible blasphemies, healing but while imposing seemingly evermore unattainably matter-subduing mindless systematics, turning men away to mind their own businesses, and encouraging unreasoning anti-intellectuality as a virtue among the congregations of cumulative plagiarism (the sound of phlem) against the woman (REV16:12-16), that caused their words always to fall immediately to the dust of the Earth, as parables to be lifted-up by poor, hungry humanity leaping and catching (like ponderous frogs) for that next flesh-and-blood (hunted) meal, rather than sowing and reaping (gardening) to perceive the spiritual, Christly example(s) untrammeled by cajoling and conjecture. (review JOHN6) It certainly needs healing, but until it is resolved it shall seem as a chase to the end: it is the whole quest(ion) of collective human nationality springing forth from one woman's intellect, and chasing her to the very extremities, for that intellect, to defeat its apparent demonstration here and there and after: to make that seem as effusive as the great nations themselves - to turn her embodiment to vague (smokey) haze, like the nebulous luminescent dragon beyond the stars themselves. (St. John certainly sought the grander view). We should remember that Armaggedon refers to Har Meggido, an ancient mound of rocks (obstacles) gathered and heaped from the surrounding farm lands of the Jezreel Valley - it re-presents the cumulative (centuries of) Christian Science healings.

Inspired in pondering the astronomical proximity of a bright comet passing seven, possibly northern stars (of Constellation Ursa, which he saw variously, as candles, as a throne, as suggesting inverted vials, etc.), St. John predicts (or foretells) for us a remarkable event: Eventually near (over) Constellation Orion, a (super) nova shall occur so brightly that it hurts the eyes (center point) to look - that is, as he says, no man can enter (look long in) the temple (body, head). (REV15:8) In chapter one (REV1:10-18) he'd described the sun-bright glaring countenance and great blaring voice of the (super) nova (REV1:16) - his depiction being apt for a supernova of a near (50parsec) star, including hearing its trumpetted buzz of neutrinoes - and in two years' time the first, early burst of nova "smoke" and light expands in a sphere (radially) enough to reveal its luminous limit circle, a glory (halo) distinctly seen around the nova which has become too bright to eye. (REV15:8) (Historical novae records*** show a few "guest-stars" in his era, but without specific glory development; and only the much later supernova SN1054 sets over the head of Orion, and visibly in broad daylight). St. John saw the (seven) stars as necessities of trials and tribulations (to be) leveled upon that poor humanity whose progress albeit wandering and grazing was an imperative with Mind-God, but a veritable anathema with its own mind-set of poor expectations: wetted with the inculcations of ascending spiritual thouhts propounded by beasts and prophets, this poor hue-mind [SIC: human mind] swallows every thought (as mere fish swallow to breath through gills), all the pollutions poured forth on the fleeing victims of oppressions and repressions and the pride-of-power: ignorant of the great knowledge of this power, this genre of vague itinerant mortal humanity destitute of understanding (in the sea of erroneous belief) , but chastened (healed) by an awakening and renewed hope of Christliness, spurred-on by the scientific miracles of healing and abundance presented by beasts and prophets, though clinging fast to the belief in the necessity of those very woes, that these must be healed (whoso readeth understand the self-deceived subterfuge of the erring mind that says, help, yet at first rejects the answer to that call, that saith, heal the error by leaving it and seeking truth - how old humanity halts and falters at this simple verity - and second backtracks and delays to see where those errors of thought went: the belief in the reality of error making progress slow, and health vacillatory: that is as a vapor passing before the sun), is in fact the entire Christendom community (in America, at least primarily) now called, Christian Scientist (ref:PUL22:8) in name (a broadly famous, even notorious declaration by the Directors of The Mother Church, yet to be heard at this writing ca. 1995) and yet seemingly still the victim of every false claim against the health and happiness of mankind - perhap for having left its first career, contrary to the very Scripture that saith, bring-up a child in the way (he) should go, and when he is grown (he) will go that way, etc. ... in other words, this is but dully scientific Christianity at its (Essene) Jewish worst: an inchoate early stage of imminently Christianly Scientific humanity.

St. John was simply seeing the difference between Judaic taunt and torment of Christians then, and, now, as the difference between crucifixions, then and cruci-fictions [SIC: cross-differences in belief-fictions, resulting in flesh-aches galore], now; and, considering the proliferation of knowledge, these times shall seem woe-laden, and not very Eden-like. (Throughout mere human history the knowledge of woes has plagued the increase of knowledge itself, like a serpent biting at its heel). One of the vials of torment is poured on the seat of the beast (REV16:10-11) - this could mean anything from law-suits to pressure the Directors to move the Church edifice (or conversely, an attempt by the Hawaiian-sovereign Honolulu Branch to succeed [SIC: supersede] The Mother Church, as, The Second Church of Christ, Scientist), or, the sitting discomfort on hard bench pews and long sullen (seemingly unexalted and wordy Lesson-Sermons, and it could even mean childish reluctance to the very bookish approach to scientific study of Scripture, for healing: which seems so different from the footloose wanderings of Jesus and his disciples. We'll leave these angels with their vials to their work, as there is no scientific basis for desiring to know the forms error or evil may wish to take (so we just explained in the preceding paragraphic warning against self-deceived subterfuge), save that each error handled by the Practitioner of this Science is and must be specifically met and mastered with the altogether general Truth of being - St. John simply categorized their collection. Those standing on (his) sea of glass [glace or ice] mingled with fire (REV15:2-4) - yet another view of our Milky Way galaxy - are the (new) doctors (CSD) of Christian Science, those permanently upright on the Scientific firm, who have stilled the stormy waves of animal magnetism's incredulity, and cooled the never-answered troubles of the Earth itself yet reviewably deep beneath: this is an exalted state of thought won by deep study (more than momentary audiencial listening or browsing perusal, as are also needed), bouyant but not yet ascended: it suggests a nearer clearer understanding fearlessly discerning the knowledge of error only at a great safety of distance and depth, no longer troubled by the claims of hellish fires in the cosmic deep: the dragon's flood settledly obliterating its own imitative galaxial flames: a contrapunto, a testimony reversing preceding modes of error.

We place this then fairly well along in the earlier scheme (and about our present era), beginning at the image of the beast - as the Pleiades are in Taurus - and developing as the Lamb's choir-army has overcome the beast in the era of dominance under the Teachers and Practitioners of Christian Science (actually a fairly constant and select group of maybe a quarter million under limiting Church Manual provisions, save unlimited in that all may avail themselves of this Science of healing through individual study and spiritual growth in demonstration of Truth), having succeeded in broad measure to quell the fearful ecclesiasticism of erring humanity, with the spiritual sense of Truth conveying "the impressions of Mind to man". (MBE) We return to hear the full development of the story of Babylon, the woman, and learn a little more Church history, for yet to come is the Grand Audit Council consisting of the seven Trustees of the Church and Publishing Society, plus the three**** Trustees Under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy, totalling the ten horns of the first beast, and each presiding briefly, as kings reigning for an hour (REV17:12-17), as The Mother Church attempts to steer its course financially in the later problematic waning years of popular and glamorous Christian Science - it's not easy to lose a third of mankind and more under the Church' authority (even if many are not ready adherents of the Science), and retain a sense of self-reliance, so, the beast must eventually go into the wilderness after the woman it used to chase profitably, to kill her there (REV17:1-4): to leave no place of refuge for mere belief of passing in sickness and death: to reassert its famed 'final-authority'.

...[continuing to REV18] ...

*[troubling, because they do not fully yet know Christ's when-and-where of statistical demonstration]
**[false may mean: untrue, inaccurate, fix-it, do-it-yourself, exceeding the possible, incomprehensible, dividing rather than uniting, for ulterior motives; not just anathema]
***[a possibly better-fitting explanation to the trumpet sound, a higher pitch, is a much nearer (1 parsec) re-nova of a cold 'hard' neutron-star (or quark-star) adsorbing (or swallowing) an asteroid - such a neutrino record exists truncated on NDE for 1974 - and the glory would have appeared in hours]
****[a curious parallel may be drawn to Job's seven sons and three daughters, both before and again after his trial of woes]

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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