`Ology vrs. `Onomy

"What is the chaff to the wheat?" (JER23:28)

Discourse versus law: roster vrs. rule, specification vrs. engineering, perspective vrs. perceptive, morning stars vrs. planets (in, more than of, the solar system), spectral vrs. sceptral, appearance vrs. substance, mankind vrs. Godly man ....

This question has haunted the ages of truth's higher demonstration down the millennia. St. John foresaw a time (would come) when (God's) angel (messenger), standing one foot on the water of the sea (the erring human belief), and one foot on the land (the firm understanding of truth in Science) would bring the explanation for all to read, whether they came by way of that sea of belief, or that land of understanding: a time when disagreements would be canceled by correct agreement, in writing, in the angel's little book - amazing for its prophecy, yet, obvious for its necessity: the godly man, having subordinated the human reason to the divine reality, perfect, harmonious, with both: As the LORD (God) told Solomon, because wisdom and understanding are first and foremost, riches and honor are more real and stable.

In Christ Jesus' time - in St. John's time, as in Daniel's time - indeed most any time until this very recent century - the elements of the Earth were earth, water, air, and fire; the elements of the sky were the sun, moon, stars (both in constellations, and those few that moved), and occasional flaring comets and novae, plus that enigma (even to them), the dimly luminescent, great dragon (called, red as a fire that is consumed and dying, dims from bright whitish yellow flame to dull glowing red embers), stretched out and waiting fixedly as if ready to consume the stars whenever they would exhaust their fuel: even a third of them: the very dimmest.

It is recorded that once Jesus replied that men must be borne again of the water and of the spirit; that is, the adamic race borne of the clay must rise above its source, not by that source, but by that which is above, more bouyant, more ethereal, water and wind. They did not know much about air except as breeze (spirit, or, pneuma, in the Greek): the balancing of the clouds (JOB----) because they neither raise nor lower, is (we know) because there is nothing there that is not already there, but that it scatters the light differently [albeit we understand that the proportionate measures of what is there may vary, but the explanation of the balancing still involves the phase change of vapors at their transition, before they condense and precipitate to falling rain]. Jesus did not suggest being borne of the fire, the fourth accepted element: maybe he understood that the aether of space was not fire (light waves) per se'«, as the Scriptures reads also (that) parents must not send their children though the fire; and he so realized that the human perception and perspective would have to ascend, before interstellar space would bear men. So, on Earth, Jesus walked on the water, and at the end of his stay, he rose up in the air (even as did Elijah in the whirlwind, it is recorded).

But this 'ology' [SIC] of perspective, of the clay, considering water and air, may need more than mere extension to the vacuous aether of the cosmos (so tenuous, so transparent that photons of starfire-light can traverse from one end of the cosmos to the other seemingly unimpeded, save for some more of that reddening, more truly red than blue). We may need the 'onomy' [SIC] of perception, of the science that gives us all the atomic and subatomic elements, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, silicon, uranium, etc., protons, electrons, neutrons, anti-neutrons, etc., photons, neutrinoes, ..., typifying all the stable (consistently reproducible), more advanced demostrations of control - recall that the young physicist begins with the simpler demonstrations of control, clapping (his) hands consistently, and thence advances in degrees to reproducing NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) atomic mass spectra consistently from strands of (his) hair - and explaining the 'ology' [SIC]; that we may have both, understanding with the honors.

St. John struggled witht his sense of duality of the human perception and the divine perspectus - Daniel did, too - this seeming conjunction that can only be properly explained by a Science not directly visible to the senses of Earthly perspection. To the prophets this duality had exemplary phenomenon, a real Science: and for this reason these foresaw the coming of the Christ, and its Science. But interestingly, these very examples do not disappear in Science: because these phenomena stand-out, they catch the larger attention of mankind up to the higher cause, not merely to larger phenomena (ancients recorded magnitudinous events in the sky in order with local magnitudinous events among the populace). Like wrist-watches (clocks) that can remind us what rules are in operation and effect at the moment a business is open to the public, so Daniel and St. John foresaw not merely the grand opening of Christian Science, but that at this epoch (these next three hundred and forty years, ca. AD 1992) what rules must be followed, namely, the rules of Christian Science, in operation and effect: as the present rules of business: the mark, name, and number of the beast.

Nevertheless we should be wise and not miss this grand opportunity, for after this shall come the sign of the prophet, Peleg, in whose time the great division of humanity was accomplished, for there is none greater finality on Earth than the separation of truth and error, fact and fable, 'onomy' and 'ology': for, what God hath not put together, for ever, He shall surely drive assunder; and, God, is, Truth, and the mighty fan (Spirit) of truth.

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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