The Prophecy of Halloween

The adult in bondage to his beliefs, no more comprehends his real being than does the child; and the adult must be taken out of his darkness, before he can get rid of the illusive sufferings which throng the gloaming. (MBE:S&H371:14-18)

Mrs. Eddy (in Prose Works: Miscellaneous Writings) offers a little something extra for each holiday: Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, etc. (MISxi:11) Halloween is not a holiday on our calendars, but we offer the following parabolic items for this occasion.

SOLOMON'S WISDOM: One thing is an abomination to the LORD, yea, two things are a perpetual bother: men who instruct women in life, and teachers who do not give their pupils thorough examinations.

A PARABLE: The kingdom of Heaven is likened unto a rich man who sent forth his house servants and his son to help in his fields at the harvest. The workers in the fields demurred, saying, leave us alone, we're doing our work, (thinking to take a little extra for themselves when no one ruled greater than they in the fields). In the middle of the afternoon the servants returned to the house smiling, saying to their master, we have finished - but the man's son was not with them. At the even hour, lo, the son did not return, and lo again, in the late night the son of the man had not returned. What then think ye the householder shall do: but he shall send out his servants again into the fields at the midnight hour, armed with lanterns and lamps and lights and staves and sticks and knives and swords, to seek out his son. And they that are in the fields at that hour, and their children, shall hear strange noises and howls and voices, and shall see curious lights and flashes of ghostly apparitions moving about, and shall tremble for these, and shall lose their sleep for fear, believing ghosts and gobblins, and robbers and murderers, are coming for them at last - and they shall not cease till they find the son of the man, and return, and leave the fields with clamorous shouts, declaring, he is found! lo, here, he is, lo, there, he is found!! The field then is the Earth, and the workers, they that are earthy after the day's work is finished, and the servants are the saints of the LORD, who though scattered by thieves in the day, shall return fully armed in the night (even as Jesus had his disciples take two swords before the crucifixion) when men would sleep, and they shall scour the Earth till they find the LORD's Son; and men shall tremble and not sleep for them; then the end is come, and the whole Earth shall be filled with rancorous fears and unsatisfying confusions upon them that remain, or understood not for his safety.

ANTI-SPOONERISM: The account is told of long ago a Reverend Spooner who would sometimes capture the drowsy attention of his congregational audiences with curious nonsequitur un-aliterations: linguistically chopped phrases, such as, Pieman Seeder, for Simon Peter, or, puns of the sophettes, for, sons of the prophets, ... and we may expect he told more than one recalcitrant young lady whose regard for the throes of purgatory included betting on birthday parties therein, that, there shall be no ice cream on her curthday bake in hell [SIC]. But we may repair: Not even the good reverend could undo all scripture, as we might challenge his tongue with this poetic ditty:

IMPROMPTU: But the story of a butterfly calls to mind the mathematicians flap over cause and effect: it is proposed that the flit of a butterfly in Brazil may trigger a hurricane in the Pacific - doubtless they could decide which one - to which we may repair, and a bribe refused may quench ten ... butterflies flutter-by without a dare: would that we could say the same for Congressmen. But the story has a better conclusion in Christian Science, for we may logically deduce that matter however willfully charged and errantly small must fail under Spiritual law, the scientifically compounded declaration that, Truth operating as the law of Mind governing the infinitesimal as well as the infinite controls error alias matter. [look these up in S&H] Since there is in reality no matter, at all, this operation appears as the disappearance of material operation, with nothing real lost nor remaining unseen; and this appearance constitutes and replaces the human conception of operation - which is why we thoroughly study Science, and carefully read The Christian Science Monitor, rather than curiously worry about the taunting tricks and treats of material news (papers, reels, telephones, and televisions).

OCCAM's RAZOR postulates that the best explanation requires the fewest presumptions, but itself (Occams's Razor) is presumptuous, and therefor counts as one more, where-ever or whenever it may be supposed to apply; it is therefore pre-posterous, supposed after the fact to have applied before the fact: it fails to decide between any two equally presumptuous explanations: its application increases the count of presumptions in the explanation it favors (or similarly if two explanations differ by one) while the other (or differing) explanation did not need it to be best. Thus, if the true explanation of the universe does not include it (Occam's Razor) then it (Occam's Razor) must falsify and propagate falsity in that explanation which includes it, since a true universe, and a true explanation thereof, has no standpoint from which an error (falsehood) may be imposed, and no presumption can exist before the existence of (a) universe which (might possibly) include it, except (such) universe be the outcome of (that) presumption (a situation of itself) feeding itself of self-belief. We do better then considering the universe itself, than considering Occam's Razor itself, lest we recreate the universe awrong. In Christian Science we have but one (right) explanation, and need but one (correct) presumption: this is 'is'; and because 'is' is, 'is' is Principle, and 'is' is and must therefor be God, the divine Esse [Ger: Is, Being] (MBE); and His reflection is the idea of God, and must be good - 'is' reflecting 'is' - and because, 'is-not' is not and cannot be the reflection of 'is', 'is' is all, and therefor one - 'is-not' only seems to be because 'is' is not 'is-not', but always is - and because 'is' is always 'is', and never 'is-not', 'is' is eternal, harmonious, and good, and therefor the one I AM (the great I AM) that is all that I am or can be ... Christian Science is divine Science as it applies to humanity (MBE). [Mr. H.W.Eustace, CSB, gives a lucid explanation of this, how I know God exists and is all, in his published Primary Class (Instruction) notes, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: ITS CLEAR, CORRECT TEACHING] The point taken herein is that no second presumption is needed: Christian Scientists do not linger in belief until forcibly ejected by errors propagating in (their) presumption, but take rapid strides for good, waiting only upon divine Love to go before them and lead to the one completely right answer, directly. In thiswise we foil Occam's Razor, and render it dull-witted and harmless (so long) as we do not leave it wet corrupting before the next really (countlessly) hairy scrape.

TRICK OR TREAT: In some places I refer to (both) Pluto and Pluton: Pluton is (was) a discovery I made mathematically (ca. 1984) of the (serendipitously unexpected) remnant core of our proto-sun, hidden from the foundation of the Earth (ca. 4.5 billion B.C.) ... I found it in a careful evaluation of the solar sun-spot cycle, as it [Pluton] is very different from the ordinary planet: astrophysicists will say, there is nothing there, until they mollify their phrase to say, no (ordinary) thing; it (Pluton) is quite possibly a dry (uncloaked) magnetic sub-neutron or quark star, or gravity singularity 'hole' or 'ghost' star, in contra-grade orbit at the distance of Pluto: the astronomically-relatively near passes of the outer planets interfering with its magnetic flux link to our sun, triggering its spot-cycles (and cyclic minima over thousands of years of 'radiocarbon' data); a 'trick' of a cosmic treat.

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction * RKPetry

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The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances herein to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (states). May your tabernacle measure true.


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