GENESIS TWO: Adam in Eden

Hitherto was absolute good: everything grew; then came the relative good: individual survival; Jehovah and Adam and Eve presented this more refined concept of good, higher and more permanent than the kings of the Earth could conceive (until the KING of kings).

Before seed grew in the Earth - This universal (cosmic) template of Earth (planetary) development seems finished before the thought; But now, this is the 'seed' of typical example, the finally approved seventh-day 'seed' - even as fish and fowl were not so until they could migrate with the seasons, so this 'seed' is to be understood as above the mundane specifications of order of reproductions - it is the 'seed' to which we refer when we identify this example as anointed for us. The meaning of GENESIS becomes darkened here, not by change of venue, but because the example must be (must have been) brought to Earth - even as seed may be brought to a certain place - and 'grow' with it ... and examples stir human thought, and mix with general (indigent, specious) human experience(s), and are preferred, but remain exemplary, whence the record of creation seemed, even at its early writing, to the mixed human thought that was beginning to be supplied this example, to be clearly understood, as it was the creation of the Earth and its development up till the seventh day; but (now) thereafter the example is on Earth closer to present experiential consistency, and mixes the meaning of the simple story, even to its word order. Everyone it would seem has had a hand in trying to adjust the early (even pedagogically) recollected meaning and wording of GENESIS, and the mixture shows, yet not opaquely: the result of priesthood, scientist (doctor) theory, historian (scribe) record, even gay (lawyer) pedantry (which puts the letter above the spirit, and amplifies error(s) instead).

We saw in GENESIS first a simple review of remote time, yet God was there. Now we draw near to GENESIS and ask for a clear perception amidst hampering human learning, comprehension, fears, doubts, and attempts at renewed sincerity revived from disputable idolatry. It is not the record alone that seems murkier, but mere human (un)willingness to abandon the incomprehensible largeness of God until it can no longer either accomplish that or even know what incomprehensibility might be: indeed, all creation itself did not begin with the heaven and the Earth in darkness, but before that moment, says human thought presently, 'bang, big bang, big big big bang' ... while prior events seem not only remote but incongruous: their separability to be discovered by toil in the word(s) of Truth: that is, unfoldment is the self-completeness of loving and living all of Truth. Looking back into, or attempting to look through, the specificity of example where it began, seems as a mistiness, a place and a light that yields only to going there, or to struggling to recall exactly what was there - as we might try to recall falling asleep, as we do recall waking up.

For the moment GENESIS continues looking inward upon the seventh day (phase), not forward.

But there arose a mist, and covered the face of the Earth - We see the immediate priestly pedantry: the seventh day is never completed in this record of GENESIS: At, we may orderly presume, the late evening hour ca. 10PM (two-thirds of a 24hour day begun ca. 6AM, the nominal break of morning) God contemplates even the singular point of perfection (as Christ Jesus said, if thine eye be single then the whole body/span of vision is full of light) one specific (line of) example: the God-Soul-Principle (beauty or harmony) anointing scientifically unified individuality as firstly LORD YAHWEH (Jehovah). This is the first inkling of God as, I AM that I Am, and of His Christ-lineage. The scientist says this is either one instance or one more noteworthy efficacious development on Earth: the mist (fog) indicates the temperate continental humid cool of early spring, the seasonal (re)beginning, the ideal planting season. The (Biblical) historian says this is the occasion and depiction of a (sea)bay-side foggy day (late winter) mist-enshrouded, EZEKIEL-esque (even St. John's REVELATION-esque) arrival and landing of a (space) craft bearing a pregnant (spacer) woman and her son: she ranks titularly as a LORD, which is neither masculine nor feminine title, but local culture received according to custom a man's title, whence gaily assumed a man LORD, as was her son also, firstly. The 'gay' may say this mist means she was sweating in heat or intoxicated (a common offense).

The translator self-excuses and interjects, that mist could have read as, an open flood, or, a river diversion (for irrigation of a hitherto dry region, or after a drought), or, a freak storm revitalising an oasis.

And the LORD formed man of the clay ... and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life ... and called him, Adam - The priest says any failure to see man as Godly is some wet-dust (clay) theory being examined too closely or mentally wearyingly: and that the clay holds a key-clue as to what constitutes success over this specific example (and what distinguishes it ultimately from the pre-big-bang) but more importantly it means to the priest that all existence is inescapably God's perfect harmony expressed by all reality. The priest also ponders that even as a man may extend a hand, so the LORD may extend Life and Soul, etc. even to define everything. The scientist says the thorough study of the elements of clay (dust), water (mist), air (aether) constituting the first entropy of thought, will awaken thought to safety-minded (heavenly) thoughts (which are better studied than suffered - better discerned as man, first, lest he return too soon to clay, second). The historian says this is exo-referential to ordinary child-birth: clean-up of fecal debris, truncation of the umbilical, and starting the baby's breath; man's nearness to clay should never be feared in fact nor in food, though it will always be stirred up, washed off, after playing in it, studying it, ... or just plain landing, setting down, and walking on it. Discussing with the scientist the historian suggests the clay may have elements which might stimulate pregnancy. Then the scientist turns to the priest and entertains the thought that the individual soul of a man begins experience by extending control to a speck of viable chemistry (clay). The 'gay' may say she was rutting, manipulating, mud-wrestling and breathing 'heavy' with a local male named, Adam: coaxing him to do her heart-felt bidding.

And the LORD planted a garden eastward in Eden, and there put the man to tend it - The historian says LORD Mrs. YAHWEH (landed) arrived with Adam on the desert steppe ['eden'] of Arabia, and migrated eastward (downslope following a shallow river, likely the Wadi Batin) to the coast, and there planted a garden of select seed; and, setting Adam to play therein and to learn the first rules of living on Earth: tending the necessity to eat. The scientist says this garden was planted where some trees grew in the wilderness, and that the ideal study and education tends and watches a variety of unfoldments, expanding and selecting on that which already exists and succeeds (promoted by God alone). The priest says the Earth brings forth food at God's preparation, and it is wise to consider and improve what things God hath here (ordained) prepared for man's use. The 'gay' may say organization relieves consciousness (conscience) by devolving responsibilities and cares upon others.

And the LORD said unto Adam, you may eat of every tree of the garden except the tree in the midst of the garden, which you must not touch - The scientist says this one control tree (untended but watched) is to be left to the so-called natural good-and-evil of the elements, and not tended by pruning, watering, dunging-about (dung mixed with soil, grass, and leaf rubbish, and spread and turned-in over the roots in the shade beneath the reaching spread of branches), nor even bird-netting, nor harvesting (that the birds might eat thereof naturally) - Adam should not go so close as to even touch the ground under it wherein are the tree's roots: the tree's own fruits, rotting, and animals' (own) dung (directly, not dug in), and the ordinary soil, rain, and sun, would be the only sustenance control for this unkempt 'control' tree in its uncleaned spot, though it be in the very midst of the garden itself, with and like all the other trees. (Presumably the tended trees would better thrive and fruit, and only later compare: proving that this scientific tending enhances productivity and yield, but does not change (fruit) identity - later Jewish farmers estimated a factor of ten-fold improvement by this method: they'd leave unharvested a tenth to animals and strangers in their fields. That such a method - flying in the face of aboriginal ecologism and the science-fictiony 'prime-directive' - should exist or be possible, suggests not a failing of divine Intelligence, but the very plan and place of God for man: the ancient worthies perceived this profundity, setting it down as their most sacred and irreproachable Scripture.) The historian says Adam's mommy, LORD Mrs. YAHWEH, believed her child should and naturally does obey mother: first discerning what obedience is, later learning to recognize good-and-evil for (him)self; the tree served as a simple monitor test: she would recognize the smell of its fruit on his breath when ever he'd try it (and then he'd be ready for the next lesson). This lesson would also help Adam take interest in science, early identifying and distinguishing trees. The priest says that human thought depends on associations, that it should remain among the better examples of self-sufficient (that is, God-inspired) life, to think about and tend these, that itself may be a better example of living, that Godly thoughts are supportive and happifying thereby, and suffer less, and that lazy opposite thoughts of good-and-evil mixtures oppose betterment, happiness, and success; also that mind foremost should govern sense, discern what is better, and decide what is good. The 'gay' may say she reserved a certain satisfaction to impose herself as Adam's control-master.

Lest you die - The scientist says your study must prove its efficacy to you. The historian says Adam's progress was constantly detectable, while taking-on larger meanings as he grew. The priest says death is comprehensible to living thought as the consequent of a lack of priority: putting sensuality before abundances; as loss of (controlled) eating and study. The 'gay' may say she was being pedantic, for better or worse, but it could have been much worse: evil is absolute, in her thought.

And a river went forth from Eden to water the garden, and thence branched into four heads - The historian says the LORD taught Adam to draw water and ditch about the trees for irrigation: part of the task of tending the garden. The Euphrates (Puratu) and Hiddekel (now called Tigris) are quite certainly known today, while the Pishon and Gihon may have dried up or removed: possibly the Wadi Batin (an erstwhile broad shallow river from the 'eden' steppe) and the Karun (river from the eastern mountain range: specifically its rud-Khaneh-ye river-bed) - thus placing the garden upstream from where the Wadi Batin meets the other combined flow today. The priest says etymologically these names indicate, and are consistent with linguistic developments over millennia since: the head of a river is its mouth rather than its tail: a river is the cyclic complement of life: its life-refreshing waters pour forth from the mouth rather than into its mouth; and just northward of the Persian gulf seems the reasonable place for the confluence. The scientist says agreeably this lower latitude region once reachable by a major river (precursor to the Wadi Batin) fed from the far western Arabian Hejez mountain range was practically ideal for a tropical-fruit garden community, readily accessible for public commerce by (four) confluent transcontinental rivers into a non-tidal sea gulf (the continental constriction of the southern end of the Persian Gulf diminishes tide action, and keeps the gulf water fresher, replenished more by rivers, and less mixed with open saline ocean waters). (Additionally the availability of oil should have aided the advance of society. And looking ahead into Scripture we see the broadly inundating flood in Noah's time could easily have (slowly) wafted and floated the ark to the same locale, thus replacing Mount Ararat as a mound which caught the ark and restrained it from floating back-out [further] into the middle of the gulf. The priest agrees the first syllables of Ararat, 'ar' or 'arar', usually refer to mountainous earth, while the other common prefix, 'al' on place names, refers to the expanse father away or far beyond.) The 'gay' may say commingling waters produce the highest likelihood of intelligent society. (The 'gay' may also say these events follow the more natural back-order of reproducing mankind first, then supplying his specific needs).

And the LORD made every creature and brought it to Adam, to see what he would call them - The historian says Adam was given pets of the tamer local animals, and he was shown others at a distance, to begin thinking about taxonomic (pre-nomenclature) mnemonic criteria - since the LORD Mrs. YAHWEH (herself a spacer) had no Earthly names for these, Adam's pet-names would do. (In today's parlance Adam might call an agile leaping, pouncing catcher, a 'catch' or 'cat'; a playful, short tail wagger, a 'tag' or 'tug' or a 'dock' (because the 'catch' or 'cat' tags and tugs, too); a buzzy bumbly flower inspector, a 'vee' or 'bee' for the sound it makes; and so on, pet-names more than scientifical names ... a lion for its grumble or for lying around; an elephant, maybe, elevant, for the way it seems to rise huge out of the water and stand looming big and tall ... utterly simplistic, even childish, that is childly given the unusual task of naming non-people watch-and-play-things.) The scientist says creation is sufficiently distinctly varied to allow such naming conventions and protocol. The priest says housekeeping begins by mentally uttering and assigning qualities to things. The 'gay' may say she tames Adam by paying attention to and repeating the simplest things of animation he talks about.

And the LORD caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and the LORD took a rib from Adam, closing up the flesh instead thereof, and from this rib formed a woman, an help meet for Adam; and Adam called her, Eve - Unraveling this, the historian says Adam's mommy, (the pregnant) Mrs. YAHWEH, told (young) Adam, he would have a baby sister, a little child playmate like himself, but who would grow up to be a woman, a mommy herself. When Adam asked where the baby, is now, she replied, in the belly, and that (is) below the lower rib(s), to which she pointed and poked (him), to explain, but she would not let Adam poke her belly (nor the baby). Subsequently the baby birthed one night while Adam was asleep, and it didn't even wake him: she must have quietly begun breast feeding immediately. (The scientist nudges the historian in the side, and whispers: it is also possible that Adam sported an abdominal surgery scar from his (spacer) days, and subsequently folded that into the same story ... the historian whispers back, perhaps infant Adam swallowed a metal safety-pin which broke, requiring surgical removal: that would also explain Christ Jesus' wounds by the sword and nails of the crucifixion). The educator-priest, wide-eyed overhearing the scientist and historian cross-whispering says, useful changes and improvements occur when the subject (thought) mentality is freely exercised, and the object (body) is calm (or gliding) untroubled, as clay is fashioned on a steady (spinning) potter's table, so students must first sit quietly and read and write their own thoughts. The scientist says (aloud) mankind is generically one complementary sex (pair), a homosexual group heterosexually distinguished, that man and woman have not a differing fashion, and so do not mate with the animals that were separately fashioned, though distinguished in development as individuals, male and female: man and woman share this same inner, as well as outwardly, basic man-ness. The priest says that sleepy (childish) humanity awakes first to find it is not alone, unpeered, before it learns its (truer) cause and course, and self-government. (And further very importantly to the cogent development of humanity we see consequences in later Scripture that require this awakening: that firstly Adam and Eve were fully brother and sister (not halfly), that neither shall treat the other as fashioned of clay anymore so than himself and herself, and that the subsequent marriage of full brother and sister tends to result in murderously moronic children, which tendency can be cured to normal only by an effort worth a century of prayer and fasting, and truncation of looseness about sex, as Abraham learned to do). The 'gay' may say this royal inbred moronicity aids in the selection of a lineal successor, and brings (him) back closer to (his) LORD - [closer to where (he) fell asleep, quips the priest] - and that besides, the rib is a meta-form (metaphor) for another anatomical part necessary to child-getting. The priest recoiling at the gay blatancy, stipulates the fair certainty that Adam was a mere child, incapable of reproduction for some years. The 'gay' reasserts his audacity, remarking with certain cool self-reassurance, that, she got Eve by incest. The priest scowls, and the mediator waves for silence. The scientist exonerates, saying, genetic extraction from (rib) bone marrow is a scientific possibility. The mediator waves, again. The 'gay' mocks indignantly, it's the spirit of the heart. The priest grumbles audibly, that the two angels who got Lot out of Sodom could have been penitent 'gay's sacrificing themselves in Lot's place, for they knew how to blind the men of Sodom. (The mediator calls for order).

(Notice in (this) exegetic development the appearance of the moral scientist, and the decline of the ordinary priest entangling with the self-neutralizing 'gay' - JER31:37 prophesied from this moral science, that the time would come when the gay literal liberalism and the priests' liberal literalism (which the gentile warrior mentality could not distinguish) would be quashed by an irreconcilable science in a holocaustic genecide as literalism became as the dream of the night ... as it began so shall it end .... In the intervening millennia the scientists expanded their interests to service gentile warriors, and became doctors, the historians fretfully capitulated and became scribes, the 'gay's hid under priest robes and became lawyers and judges and legislators, and the priesthood retreated to near isolation and insulation - until the Science of Truth would return. Indeed next in the line of GENESIS appears the central emblem of doctoring, the wending and coiling snake, wrapping up to itself, then lashing out and slithing away, as sleep, idolatry, and dream hypnosis seem to explain most storied developments hereafter, save that breaks occasionally brought the people in this Adamic lineage back to realize their progress they were actually making. Eventually (by millennia) this lethargy would yield, the scientist would return to his first love, and the priest who'd occasionally sought his God for prophecy would return triumphant as these prophecies rivaled scientific exaction. We'll contiune this exposition primarily from a blended almost gay scientific historian's view, since that is the famous trend of protracted literature as it draws to the present (or scans the future). The doctors and lawyers and priests resort to their own textbooks gleaned from and culled of history, leaving the scribe to expand and expound (his) reassurances that (this) story is even true in and according to (his) word.)

Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field, and enticed Eve (and so Adam) to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good-and-evil whereof the LORD said they would die - Adam's mommy had said, (we) shall not tend nor eat of this one control tree; whereas Adam had childishly told his little sister, Eve, just don't (you) touch it: Adam was impressed with being obedient, and had yet to discern the long-term benefits of scientific methods. Eve on the other hand was certainly an Earth-baby, having no recollections to draw upon that would support ought but necessity and its immediacy: even Mrs. YAHWEH had to struggle with this in Eve, both because Eve was a girl (female as herself) and because Eve came along after the garden establishment and so felt its provisional good - also because she'd taught them to speak good words to every creature (as facility to their language learning, and lordship over the whole Earth). History tends to perpetuate these qualities in offspring generations, and so seems to mentally stereotype-cast associations of quality and quantity, gender and character. What Adam told as recollection from prior to Eve, Eve countered with invention and self-centered, self-involved inference. While her older brother studied his gardening, Eve occupied her child-thought with the animal behaviours of his (named) pets, and imagined their doll-like conversations. Whether the snake expressed gazing intelligence that she typified as talking, or habituated itself in patterns that piqued her self-curiosity, or whether in speaking to it she heard an angelic-echoic voice replying in her own thought (even as YAHWEH could refer to, the voice of blood crying to her: at Abel's murder) or, whether, she dreamed such Earthly dreams, and pondered what was inside the Earth (where the snake lived) - rather than before the Earth (even to purposefully distinguishing herself from her older brother) - so we find a societal progress that includes them both less involved with their mommy, even to imitating her 'clothes' making skills with fig leaves. Mrs. YAHWEH scolded them for disturbing the reserved (control) tree, but then examined their opinion of it, and again counselled them against eating of laziness, lest they should later die of over population; and soon thereafter she showed them how to fashion proper 'clothes' from animal skins. It was also most timely that the snakes (serpents) had come out of their holes quite agitated over the imminent geographical disruptions in their region, which Eve interpreted as the uncommonly seen snakes so desiring to convey some sort of message: their disquieted writhing distractions implying careless frivolity, disobedience, and a distrust of normal habits (of wisdom), in her mind-set. [Spiritually meaning, thoughts resting in the understanding contemplate progress as trembling].

Adam said, the woman beguiled me ... which the LORD reprimanded and lamented: lest they now take of the tree of life also, and live forever - This tree-of-life was previously mentioned, but unremarkable - here it is clearly a tree of survival only (or absolutely eternally identified as of only life), that is implicitly a loss of fruitage, of temporal unfoldment and its demonstration of immortal life, whence this tree is an anathema: as a flowering weed (a living tree in which birds may roost, and feed on its seeds and bugs, but altogether fruitless) to the mortal sense of (individual, productive) life, here, now - but this serves to only chide Adam with stupidity for his disobedience: that he now not also eat (nuts, seeds, leaves, and bark) and so live as mankind, only generically, as the mere animals, forever but collectively. This undertones with the thought that The Forever 'eats' all things, in every manner (whence priests' burnt sacrifices).

And the LORD sent Adam and Eve away from the garden, to till the less yielding soil of the Earth; and the LORD set a turning flaming sword to guard the garden, lest they should return - With what little they'd learned about agriculture and animal culture from mommy, and from contemporary nature, Adam and Eve escaped downstream the suddenly erupting landscape venting its natural gas fumes and flames ... never to return in six thousand years. Mrs. YAHWEH either let tham go, having advised them two to stay together always - or herself became separated from them at the moment of the earthquake, and did not find them again for some time during which they'd quickly learned to fend for themselves among all the good-and-evil (naturally placed) trees in an ungardened world. We read later that the LORD YAHWEH was around in the time of their first children, Cain and Abel, but she may have changed her own opinion of practical geographical security and food production; and she may have spent much time scouting westward, back up the Pishon (Wadi Batin) before it dried up, or even northward out toward Jerusalem.

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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