Left-hand of Dream (equality)

Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream, and his sleep brake from him; and he sought his wisemen to recall the dream and explain it - and Daniel so did. (DAN2)

This insight shows us Daniel's mighty struggles with the cause of Life, the saviour, and the obvious necessity, that the dream of mortality must break from mortals until they by compulsion learn the substance of all seeming dream existence. Daniel also requires that the living must answer responsibly - even as Jesus, after his resurrection, asked his disciples, what happened. Mrs. Eddy saw this outcome when she wrote that mortals awake with a body as material as before the belief of dying. (S&H187:27;290:3)

Indeed we may expect they (mortals) must then each seek to their local Daniel to recall for them just what it was they had dreamt, and what it meant - if they even have that luxury of a court counsel as bright as Daniel, not as the astrologers - "[their] affections and aims [must] grow spiritual ... they must near the broader interpretations of being ... [they] must gravitate Godward" (S&H265:5) - so let us do here: Mrs. Eddy says, we must improve Earth's preparatory school. Paul says, if this tabernacle were dissolved we have a[n] house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. (IICOR5:1) Mrs. Eddy calls this existence, a waking dream. What is a wake? It is the straightened wave following and out-flowing anyone making progress (working) in this world: we could call this, the 'work'ing dream: it is not merely to make waves or even diminishing circular ripples. The work is like the right-hand side of a mathematical equation, in canonical form. (In free form equations may be worked from either side - but the work must be correct and according with the rules of mathematics). We do our work from one side, to prove the equation (such as 4=2+2), not merely to remove the equation; the left side, or remainder, is held constant so that we know our results are correct ... until we can work freely and confidently on both sides, with results.

Now let us consider the nature of existence here on Earth. We have a world of four obvious dimensions: three of space, and one of time (which is the common denominator of mere motion in the other three). Yet we find also a night-dream-world of the same four dimensions. In mathematics these two foursomes are called quaternions, and are classified as algebras, in which all equations are solvable (even the famous square-root of negative-one, denoted 'i' or 'j' or 'k'); one is called a right-handed quaternion, and the other, left-handed, because the order of the three spatial dimensions is reversed-symmetric.

Familiar and similar objects appear in each, but the rule of gravity is distinct: it is all too common to go swimming through the air in the left-handed dream, while in the right-handed dream we must work-out the equations to do so. And this is useful to us, for without this specialized world we'd be inclined to neglect the proof of every equation of Truth: we'd miss the necessary correlations of constituent components of being, of equality, of reflection ... and we (then) might not have anything in either dream: how dark that dream would be, and we'd find ourselves with a tougher problem than did Nebuchadnezzar: not only the dreams, but the light might break from us, and how great would be such darkness.

We might draw on the physicist's analogy for a rudimentally religious comparison: in the total (infinite) cosmos there's a balanced (50:50) quantity of matter and anti-matter (this is the physicists' way of saying), and since you can't tell the difference by inspection, except by touching it with the opposite, (and the Bible tells us, touch not the unclean (thing) or anti-clean in the total), and then it is too late to argue over the consequences of an irreparable loss ... so we must learn (and don't worry, we've all of eternity, and won't be allowed to fail, or slow down); and to tell the difference, we need a specialized opportunity, a (finite) cosmic play-pen of no easy escape, except we learn aright to follow the true navigator, both here in the right, the working-waking dream, and in the left. We do get regular bonuses: we get to look at the left side of the equation, every day (night). And we get corrections, as Nebuchadnezzar did. And we do take (the) thoughts of things with us, though not the very instance of things (that we can tell). The mathematician can put the galilean physicists' two-world orders back together by pointing-out that while an eight dimensional algebra does not exist in the generality (with both real and virtual time independently operational), there is nevertheless a method of 'embracing-multiplication' [left-and-right] in which the modulus of the conjugate self-product is preserved (|a*a'|=|a|*|a'|= |a'*a|) so that indeed all, that is both together, work under one rule.

We can now answer mathematically, yes, (there is a) Santa Claus; and those who've long passed-on from our present view may communicate with us by opportunities left, for they too exist somewhere else, waking and working this dream-right, at some depth of gravity, around some star of no particular consequence to them or us: unless they 'blow' it. But to suppose that, they as grand masters of millennial experiences can love us any more than mother or father, is to engender a species of insanity: they have (had) their own children to love foremost, and it is well that but once a year we may recall but one of them, titularly, Santa Claus. And to suppose that we ourselves were formerly medium spirits, would require such a hatred of our present embodiment as to wake us back-up (by actually remembering such a condition as the real(ity) of our existence), or it would turn us violently insane, even genocidal - and therefor who could believe us, if love were not constant both in and out of dreams. America has witnessed the effect of that belief: that even Jehovah had been such a medium spirit: for such was the damage of and upon modern Judaism, when the heavens (night-sky) became (the) more real to us, and the seed of Israel [was] cast-off in a holocaust.

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