Spring Break - Cain's Retreat

In disobedience, Adam was expelled;
In obedience, Christ comes forth.

Lost in the search for Abraham's seed, Israel and Judah and their twelve tribes, is the precursor of reason since Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden with Jehovah: Abraham followed in Seth's line; Seth came a hundred and thirty (130) years after that first generic contact with the planet Earth, and a hundred (100) years after the first experiment in raising children, Cain and Abel, to appreciate Earth living. Abel leaves us no record; Cain's is brief: we are told he one day rose up against his brother and slew him over a dispute as to the approval value of their otherwise independent farming skills. (We see a hint at the future meaning of money in this: comparative value of personal endeavors.)

Lost in the research is reason - which many have since supplied from the opined storehouses of (their own) personal histories, much related to (their own) listeners, but bereft of facts: We can ameliorate this paucity of cogent information, and derive certain useful telltales pertinent to (our own) times and experiences. We begin with Adam again.

Adam, as we have fairly reestablished in the preceding articles, was somewhat select: the child of his spacer-mother, Mrs. YHWH, he had had some intimate contact with her lifestyle, the daily conversation and always present theories, technologies, and equipments. Once set down on Earth, that education diminished in importance, yet remained intensely awesome for its once and isolated existence and continuance: it likely persisted for some years as she taught him in her own perspective on their shared experience on Earth; and when Eve came along, his (their) mother likely reinforced his faculty of adaptation, giving Adam not only a sense of how-to, but also a developmental sense of where, when, and even, how-to-get-back, though it is this latter that we entertain on this page: the former we've discussed, beginning with DANIEL's times.

Adam and Eve separated early from Mrs. YHWH's mothering - this in itself suggests an incompatibility between spacer living and Earth dwelling. And they married, brother and sister (that is, she being (as) his own rib), suggesting, they themselves had not mingled with their more distant, pastoral neighbors. That union bore two sons early who, it seems to us (today), were believably moronic - but they were not necessarily stupid, but given to some violence.

While we should not dwell-on nor examine violence if we would be wise, we can and may learn by reexamination of their motives, to ascertain what was right, and what merely was, by their own understanding. Although Adam and Eve had resolved their own early childhood differentiations, their early separation from parental influence, and their early marriage, left them with much working-out in raising a family, with no formal nor parallel comparisons save their own shared childhood views. We may surmise that Adam, a devoted father, required both children to hear the spacer stories and learn the associated lessons: lessons of watchfulness and trust; lessons of distinction between lifestyles; lessons of history, that is, Adam's history, and its where, when, and how-to-get-back. And we see the children fail these lessons in the absence of sure evidence; and we see Adam and Eve subsequently repent on their attitudes toward Earthly living, and after much self-restoration return to child-bearing, this time propounding lessons useful to the long-term survival and spiritual development of their generations and those to come: not everyone it would seem is or was ready to become a spacer.

Cain though was a spacer devotee non-comparison: he grew-up believing that childhood was merely a step before joining the space-cadets; he took to the farming regimen as it were his first duty, trust, and theater of operation, expecting at least a first-class commendation from mom, dad, and even grandma, Mrs. YHWH herself (no longer distinguished as, LORD GOD, but as merely, LORD) when-ever she visited. But therein was the first disappointment of Earth: animals, creatures with no spacer habits but to eat, the first notion Cain had of an adversary that could not be trusted, and so necessary to eliminate, and so easy to merely kill. When then (we may presume) some of his brother's wooly sheep creatures took a liking to the vegetables Cain relished, he found Abel a somewhat rebellious brood: Eve had preferred Abel to learn the more Earthly ways of animal husbandry, as he was the younger brother, and she was therefor more watchful over him, and therefor devoted more of her own Earther ways (perhap even to especially reassuring him of her own reasons in her own early childhood snake-(serpent)-talking stories; she anointed Abel). Since animals survived with less intellectual attention in that era and place, and sheep did seem more intelligent than mere herbs and fruits, and watching over sheep gave Abel a feeling of command-ship in a realm where (this) did seem the only command-ship to be ever had, Abel took to it readily, with Eve's heaps of praise, and the immediacy of the reward of wool clothing and tasty meats, by which she could even seem to convince Adam that this was indeed the faster way to whatever spacer-like living might be or afford ... Adam, though, thought on his mother's gardening days; and Cain skulked. [Note that thousands of years later Jeremiah complained of this same Eve-tendency to worship fertility idols during and as expedient to good harvests]

The story should have ended right there: home had become an awesome impossibility in Adam's expectations; Cain with all his second-handed education, celestial navigation skills, and (Earther) spacer agricultural expertise (no longer preferred by the LORD), deprived of a meaningful thank-you from Eve, beset with hopeless thanks from Adam, and at least one severely ruined harvest [student-homework] 'thanks' to Abel's sheep ... was ready to hit-and-run, not yet recognizing that mental rebellion as being the divisor and devisor of mortals ... the story does end right there.

But the story has a curious epilog. Cain was an outcast; Adam and Eve glared at each other for a century to come; but they or someone did take enough concern for Cain's welfare, that they followed-up on his history. Cain moved east, took a wife from among the peasantry, and had a curious relationship with his God: that if any should kill him, seven times worse would come upon that man's head: Cain was seven times more responsible (more thoughtful) in his act of desperation, than any single human judge who might set upon him for that act alone (or it would require seven judges). And, we may multiply, anyone who might steal from or injure Cain or his seed might be counted himself a convert in desiring Cain's heritage.

What was Cain's heritage? All that troubled his thought! The incapacity of Earther ways to reach and return to heaven, yet knowing that it was his truer origin, his eminent possibility, his sometime imminent heritage. Adam no longer promised this directly, but as prophecy for Seth (Adam had to invent story-telling to protect his spacer information), for his other (later) children, for Seth's children, and their line; and Adam through Moses left us only the barest hints of the far future, even reversing the spelling of his mother's name, YHWH, which seen from the backside of the Earth is, HWHY, which today may be reconstructed from, Hawaii. But Cain did know the most original facts; and Cain's seed had an indisputable patriarchal tyrant, unlike Adam and Seth's line which had Eve, with Adam, and without Cain. A curse, or a promise: Since we know a great deal more about Seth's line, we may presume upon Cain's line, that it became all that we'd expect of an Earthbound spacer-rebel and his 'star-wars-saga'. By seed or by wrestling with that seed, the world has risen in six millennia to reconsider Cain's retreat, and how near is heaven.

Cain instructed his children domineeringly infusing that desire for heaven blended with Earther concepts, though rebuking Earther intents (as Eve had prepared for Abel): a mixed education, seemingly absolutist for its seemingly inapplicable purity. Cain felt that constant scourge of ignorance and incompetence, the sword turning every-which-way, guarding the garden of Eden, the fast-thinking entropy of Earth's jungle-ways, and the even faster gravity of retardation that bound him to Earth's surface. That serpent mentality seemed always at his heel and behind his children, ready to strike, a goad, a prick. By land and by sea, he knew the Earth was round: more over the next horizon: he could go on and on, he could ply mountains and waves, follow the stars; he could be as much a spacer as any Earther might dream, given a few pointers.

And we might now here leave him be ... because the Earth is round, he couldn't get far: the future would eventually meet-up with the past, when the Earth became filled with the knowledge of the spacer glory of the lord, Mrs. YHWH. And today we find Cain's seed infiltrated throughout the Earth: even the remote isles of once glorious ocean navigators - as if the isles were stars in the aether ocean of the space cosmos - have met with the larger glory of their own Lord Mrs. YHWH's people. Now it is necessary to rise from the level plane of Earther ways, and return to space in full force. Yet, getting back to space is not all that is needed: we must find Mrs. YHWH's people wherever they've gone, whether hiding in the cloud strata on the sunny side of Venus, or inside some cloudy air-planet invisible to ordinary 'spaceguard' radar, maybe in solar orbit at 'counter-Earth' libration point hidden behind the sun's glare, too far away to detect, but close enough for an easy occasional visit, or whether in the far reaches of the solar system, or hopping through roving planet fields between our sun and nearby stars. It's not just the places we're looking-for, it's the people, and where they've been and gone; and ourselves, to boldly go where the LORD GOD's men have gone before.

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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