(Hidden from) Before the Foundation of the Earth

"there's sagamen material here"

Astronomers in a material line hesitate to carry out logical insights, waiting instead for the supposed convergence and death of matter to give life to their theories, practices, and progress. Christian Scientists are not so required but to wait upon divine Love, which removes matter from the human grasp; and then move freely to assert that perfect conception. Before their 'big-bang', astrophysicists draw a big blank*; but the writer of GENESIS ONE was able long before discovered cosmology, to deduce the development of species and star from their semantic meaning - fish (ocean-going fish) and fowl, to be such as we know, had to migrate, and therefor seasons had to be latitudinally distemperate, and therefor the solar engine had to be celestially varied, and therefore fish and fowl had to see and navigate at night with focused eyes, and therefor the early solar nebula-shroud had to dissipate (even to reveal the stars), and therefore preceding vegetations (and unmentioned insects and lesser spoilage) had no need to migrate, nor see but daily, and therefor did not and could not, save to propagate on the winds, and flourish in the waters, and in the rains and in the settling dust upon the lands, and therefor the hot seas and crustal magmas (lava flows) had to cool, and therefore steam-driven tempests must have subsided ... and therefor (the great deduction) the sun must have developed concurrently and blown away the earlier heaving thick hot nebulous dust blanket (in which the molten Earth had first accreted), and so revealed its light on day 'one'. And therefor, the contributors to, and redacteurs of, GENESIS ONE were radical thinkers, searching through transparent eons of personal histories to reach the root of the Earth, its cosmic core and substance; But what preceded the Earth, lay outside any type of day, and outside (their) Bible: and rightly so, as DANIEL foresaw the demand for knowledge, the underlying serpentine wisdom of the Earth, and transporting distribution of its contented informations, to greatly increase. And we ourselves might also count it too large to recount; but we aught not contrive to shape the very hairs of our dreams with the golden mettle of reluctance, nor shave our ponderings bare, merely because everthing else about a man stands erect: The children of God must be men and women in the ordinary sciences, and answer therefrom, which came first? not matter but Mind!

[Allowing a question here from (the) astro-blind physicists, as to dinosaurs and billions of years of Earth geological 'history', we note that the so-called 'age' of the Earth depending on the radio-decay rates of uranium is not even coarse measure, given that the changing size of the cosmos itself may have determined the background neutrino flux densities, and so 'aged' the radio-elements now only a few billion years old - and nearby supernovae could have momentarily accelerated the radio 'aging' process ... and as for dinosaurs, the writer of GENESIS ONE did not speculate on the occurrence of giantisms]

The Earth, sun, and other planets in our solar system accreted in balanced dynamical rhythms from a stellar nebula (an astronomically giant cloud) of clumpy dust and rarefied gases; the vastly major portion gathered in the center, and became our star when its compaction by self-gravity exceeded and ignited its innermost atomic inter-nuclear energies .. . and there was light. The newly percolating sun evaporated most of the fluid outer envelopes of the near planets (including our Earth), leaving only thin gaseous atmospheres and liquid seas around their molten rocky cores (that is upon the planets' surfaces). Comprising the earlier nebulae, and therefore the later planets, were ordinary cosmic elements in abundance, mixed with extra heavy metals, thorium, uranium, etc., products peculiar to and abundant near supernovae (giant stars by comparison to our sun, which burn much more rapidly and quickly, then explode brilliantly in mere hours, our time, releasing astronomic quantities of iron, copper, gold, silver, lead, etc., as well, and leaving at their centers a fairly inert stellar lump not like any element or planet; and usually flinging the lump like a sling-shot across space). Many such precursor stars at astronomically close range, supplying our uranium and such elements, may have also supplied people (mankind) and animals, not immediately, but as seeds in space: civilizations once living peaceably on planets in great long orbits around giant stars would have had to leave before their stars exploded and destroyed their planets.

Indeed the first blast from a supernova's imploding center releases almost all of its energy by invisible neutrino-light, but in such intensity as to instantly mutate most every seed stored anywhere on any planet (in its vaster system); and the tiny fraction remainder (of energy) glows many billions times more brightly than any ordinary star (whence the name, super-nova), scorching planets, exploding atmospheres, evaporating and rending oceans for months, our time, melting top soil and sand into a rock-like ceramic and crazed glass cocoon. The superstar's loss as space-winds of most of its stellar mass, unbinds these planets from its (their) former orbital gravity, flinging them into space as well, to wander among the nearby stars, and outward about the galaxy for ever after.** A civilization prepared below might recover intact, but with their hopes altered in that disaster: a survival-intense community with a brief (million years, our time) experiential history on their planet, and only science to sustain their future. In other words, they had to have science already, as such a short-lasting sun and planet could provide none more than living space before its demise. Science then is a prerequisite: only a slow star like our sun, and planet like our Earth, could allow civilizations to idly languish in mental infancy - and the introduction (here) of science would drastically alter the mind-sets of nations; the curious developments of our Earth, with its dinosaurs past, and balmy present (with only hurricanic and volcanic hints of torrent and torment), would stall the development of cosmology (science), but eventually compel some of its inferences. To the wanderers in space, any surface-habitable planet would seem a place to forget its reality; but that lax loss of their scientific community drive to live, would also shorten human longevity from their long familiar giant-sun century (a thousand years, our time) to our century - we see this datum reflected in Jehovah's first Adamic population, and now more mildly in the Christian Science community, as it neglects the ordinary sciences and technology, even to mere commercial spoilage and quadriviality, having (now) rippled-out to the shores of conservative materialism.

The alternative, that such former superstar civilizations could have put-out seed to space for the future, while themselves attempt to remain or return to their new oddity (their stellar remnant), imposes a precondition of two national mind-sets, a self-driven spacer race and a self-floating Earther race, as we find (eons later) between Jehovah's extrovert descendants in the last six thousand years, our time, and the introvert afro-oriental peoples of millions of years: Armed with science, planting her garden, LORD Mrs. Jehovah in her epoch may have been self-exiled for the sake of her curiousity-keeled autistic-mutant son, Adam, a seed-child not ready for spacer ways, but ready enough to thrive amidst Earther ways; and her own people, her own planets, her own super-star remnants, may yet be astronomically very near our (Earth's) Solar system, but ever disinclined to communicate, save maybe an occasional [holiday: their's] visit. Before that ... think on!!

Ockhamite astrophysicists [SIC: Occam's Razor] may balk at such presumptions - ever searching (but slowly, politically) their taxonomic and topologic personal histories for glimmers of gold, and ever wise to 'fool's-gold - and may count these extraneous to their theories and virtues, because of their number - their razor wit tells them that, if reality does not make an immediate impression on their thought (sense) then they can safely leave it (reality) out of their theory(s). But true reason ever reflects upon its own foundation and its all-Mind-Setting, counting not their steps but their truth and reality, and reforming their one theory and virtue to an help-meet for its (their) Principle.

*[which they cutely repair by calling it, a false vacuum]

** [On the astronomical scale of (our) galaxy, processes of momentum transfer (outward) in a rotating gravitational field, and gravity sling/fling, pump and drive the (small) remnant stars (lumps) and planets out toward the galactic edge, and somewhat off the galactic plane: as the more massive stars in the plane tend to catch them in delayed trailing-side passes, and overwhelm them with their own greater galactic orbital energy to excess. Estimably one percent of the stellar mass of (our) galaxy is, since it formed long long eons before our Earth and sun, now such dark star (lump) remnants, and, in number, as many planet remnants: such may have once destroyed the dis-asteroid [SIC] planet (which now forms the asteroid-belt), or flipped planet Uranus end-over-end; and are a greater threat than the refrangible comets, because one may some millennium throw our Earth into a less clementine solar orbit. Of the billion supernovae remnants (SNR's) and ten billion cocooned planets in our galaxy, there should be a few within ten light-years: as near as the stars]

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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