Anointed for Abraham's Seed

Christ ... the title means, anointed: that which has been selected and prepared for our use in meeting our own needs, and not for abuse. (Whence we see that all men reflect this useful Christ, not to be abused).

DANIEL shows us something of this anointing, for though the wisemen of that era looked to the stars, sun, and moon in the heavens above for signs to privy their kings, Daniel yet saw that they were no kings except they understood that the heavens do rule: that is, over all the Earth, and over all the kingdoms of the Earth, together; and as clockwork of millennia, not minutes: the order (the cosmos) of the heavens portend a harmony that divides not among kings, but separates by elevating man's thought to kingship with God ...through that same understanding, that the heavens do rule.

In fact the whole Bible (though DANIEL was almost cast out as pseudographia) is anointed for us: a filament through history leading us from a common past to a connected future; anointed to keep us in line, lest we stray with the temptations of fabulous (abusive) story-telling. But we must not abuse the Bible either (though we abuse not ourselves of falsity) for falsity would work its way into any place not lit by the very present Christ, whether into the future, or into the past (record). Therefor we recognize as students of our anointed text (and we must constantly discern and revise) that the Scripture has an actual meaning with its literal (lettered) meaning, as well as its spiritual interpretation. The actual, that is, the act in the sense of being present, is clearer in the New Testament, than in the Old - so much so that the Old appears to literally lie that a masculine Jehovah (Yahweh) formed a five-foot tall Eve from a five-inch long rib of Adam, whereas we understand the actual to be that Jehovah (Yahweh), a lord (titularly masculine: as we do not say, lordess [SIC], for a feminine lord), was rather the mother of young Adam whose full-sister, to-be Eve, was in her belly (that is, in the womb, under the lowest rib), though little Adam did not then perceive that he was distinctly male, being so young and isolated from other familial examples, and that only the women have the babies, while yet women (and baby girls) were scientifically and originally, men, though distinguished by their development especially for the purpose of propagating the race of mankind. An honest 'moron' (stupid, but obedient to Christ - not that any man is that moron) can understand and obey to his well-being, the moral laws presented in the literal allegory of Adam in Eden - such as to not in-breed, as that may yield murderous children - for the Bible is also a story of a familial line of people who lasted thousands of years, and how they did it; while the intellectual Christian evangelist and reformer can in all their worthy endeavors struggling against mere literalism sometimes mistake the actual meaning: as where Rev. Mrs. Eddy in her 1910 Edition mistook the passage in GENESIS of the first appearance of light, called, day, to suggest that it was not (the) light from the sun - true, it was not yet solar beams, nor were there strong shadows while the early sun blew away its enshrouding (solar) infancy nebula, and volcanic flames and atmospheric lightning flashes were not meant to be daylight ... and it may have been very much redder (orangish, rather than yellowish-white as we have today) ... but, sun-light it was.

Even the New Testament deserves careful reading. The story of Jesus feeding the multitudes has a useful, actual meaning; not wishy-washy abuse. One of Jesus' parables (not to digress) was of ten maidens on their way to a marriage feast: five were wise to take sufficient oil in their lamps, and five carried-on with giddy (foolish) interest, taking their lamps but not measuredly sufficient oil to last-out the late evening. This was similarly true of the multitude (thousands) listening all day at Jesus' feet: many had taken ample food with them for a contingency stay of a few days' travel, and many had followed taking less or nothing, being moved by his preaching. Those who had taken food would not eat before their hungry fellows, for they were as the wise maidens who had enough for themselves, and would not share (nor taunt the less wise or foolish) for fear. But Jesus saw through that fear, and discerned an overall abundance for the whole multitude: that they could all eat and be filled, and return safely without fear of going hungry that evening and the next day. A Mosaic miracle of right expectancy and proportions: Jesus' disciples found a young lad who had some loaves and fishes, and an unselfish child-like receptivity to Jesus' teaching, that had supply, and would yield that supply to advance its own higher purpose, newly discerning that lossless Cause blessing all. Jesus blessed that supply - not for a marriage feast, but for his larger church (feast) - even as that young lad admitted a larger, holier plan into his experience, than merely to provide for a wise wife, or to sell for a foolish harlot - even as Jesus once rebuked Martha for her busy-ness, and so propounded right listening and perceiving fore-and-most - Jesus restored what parable and priest had taken away: he enwisened the foolish, chastened (to directness) the wise, elevated and strengthened the promise of youthful vision ... Jesus saw foolish Hagar 'home' again: Abraham's will for his whole family, that Christ comes again to restore.

... The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

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