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the impression of Truth and Good
"Truth must be understood to be demonstrated; Good must be demonstrated to be understood." (MBE)
"And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron." (REV12:5)
"I call heaven and Earth to record this day against you,
that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing:
therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live." (DEUT30:19)

5. [MAY 2001]

Project 'lambhorn' announces the discovery of a potential atterrissage for Adam and Jehovah (pregnant with Eve) in the Middle East: In the examination of high-resolution satellite photo-images since sighting in an APR 3 1998 (processed) scan, a definite and colossal impact zone eastward on the Arabian subcontinent, and onto the Persian mountain range: Its broad features are analogous to meteorite impact theories, so as to suggest an explosion in four widely separated clusters, but a very shallow descent to Earth, the fragments plowing and rolling tens of miles across the landscape: Jehovah having escaped with Adam some (near) time prior. The article, Garden Depressions, details this: Our ARCHAEODUS screenwrite is being edited for one plausible explanation.

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS, Founder, Trustee [1996-2001]
Principal Successor to REV Mary Baker Eddy

4. [FEB 2000] [REVISED MAY 2001]

TO: The Branch Church Executive Boards, Readers, Sunday Schools, Societies:

Dear Sirs and Madams:

REV Mary Baker Eddy in her CHURCH MANUAL provisions for the Christian Science Movement, specified Christian Science Sunday School instructions were to continue up to the age of 20 years - she also specified that Readers in the Mother Church were to be thorough English scholars, and that the Readers (in Branches as well) were the disciplinarians, making sure the whole membership and congregation followed the rules therein specified - which means that her CHURCH MANUAL By-Laws were to be understood and implemented thoroughly in English.

The problem became plain to all Christian Scientists this year, AD 2000 - you cannot avoid this any longer, and call yourselves, practicing Christian Scientists: Mrs Eddy (also) predicted that if Christian Scientists everywhere practiced their religion, all Christendom would become known as Christian Scientist by the end of this [20th] century. [PUL21:18-21np] That this has not happened in any exacting respect - not even on the internet which is the most facile for publication (comparing it to printing hundreds of millions of additional copies of SCIENCE AND HEALTH for the other denominations' congregations to be studying: and that's just the work part) - there's still that declaration.... That neither, were done, says, we're in the year of decision: The year AD 2000 is actually the final year of this century, as surely as it really is the final year of this millennium: There was no year zero: We count years from 1 to 10 - however common it has become in slack colloquialism to call this, the 21st century, we're not really there yet.

A small reprieve, if you wish: It is not infeasible to build an All Christian Science Church in one year's time: Recall Mrs. Eddy's day when the workmen themselves, as surely as her Practitioners, all pulled together, and had The First edifice finished in record time - and here we are on the internet, with digital ease, and that example demonstrated: We can pull-together in 3 days, and build the final Church of all Christendom in this land and in many others around the world - she said - lands where thorough English scholarship predominates in the Sunday Schools!

What we do, is:

  1. commit:
  2. read-up:
  3. empower:
  1. I am asking all Christian Science Churches to read to [my] level of English scholarship,
    and count "up to" as meaning, including, (else she should have said, "unto the age of 20") -
    thus, continue Sunday School instruction in your pupils' 20th year. [B]
  2. Read project 'lambhorn' - -
    "what actually happened" in Holy Bible Scripture -
    yourselves and your pupils in high school and college, especially your 20 year olds,
    even to understanding the oneness and fullness of reality.
  3. And in this year AD 2000, build the on-line Church all Christendom shall attend:
    We need an internet-facile Concordance to REV Eddy's works, on-line, now.

    A trivial task.

This is one World, one Church, one Christ, one God.

And, thank you, for joining with project 'lambhorn' in this endeavor: It's 330 years to the final turn of all Biblical prophecy, Godward - and we follow Mrs. Eddy, as she follows the Christ.

Cordially and sincerely.
The Principal Successor to REV Mary Baker Eddy.

4B. [The Directors of The Mother Church, a decade ago, requested this be handled in (my) Branch Church(es) first]

3. [JAN 98]

We'd like to invite readers, all, to consider 'lambhorn's foray into general Christendom with its healing message of God's law of adjustment for mankind collectively. Project 'lambhorn' shall address issues of marriage and adoption, what's really needed, setting the family in the very tangible presence of the Kingdom of heaven on Earth, and, other Church denominations joining with the Christian Science Cause and Movement. [First articles are up]

2. [NOV 96] [REVISED MAR 2000]

At this time we announce the next phase of, The Christian Science Ledger:


The CSLedger is appended to 'lambhorn' and available for direct internet/web-site reading. We call for [article] contributors, who may reply by e-mail to the Editor-INC.
1. [NOV 96] [UPDATED MAR 2000]

This is to inform readers that we are in pre-production on ARCHAEODUS [First Journey], Adam-in-Eden, the movie. The script is screenwritten and edited by 'lambhorn's Founder, and previewable on-web - a finished version will be delivered to 'lambhorn' complete for inclusion as an on-web viewable feature [with 'meta-refresh' timings and audio-inclusions] around the time it will be viewable in selected theatres.

Although the ultimate recipient-owner shall be The Son Dey School and project 'lambhorn', this production shall proceed as an ordinary movie-making effort: the actors, crews, and reproduction-authorities shall be paid ordinary rates, and may be ordinary persons not affiliated - strict observance of goodly [cleanly, Godly] speech and conduct on the production location-set notwithstanding.

It's Scriptural and Scientific progenesis is developed here: It is the story of Jehovah's arrival on Earth with Adam [and still carrying Eve] and their life in Adam's Eden kinder-garden. It's scripted, and set [choreographed] to music, and now in finishing, screen-writing ... it tells a plausible beginning of current modern scientifically advancing society, of what actually happened on Earth about 3670 BC, of our common past and our connected future ....

ARCHAEODUS, the movie, is a nonprofit [expense] venture for project 'lambhorn' and The Son Dey School of Christ Science, through its media subsidiary, project SesQuaTercet productions - no contributions are taken: SesQuaTercet will be seeking standard movie co-production funding, with ordinary actors and computerized background/image generators, for '3.5D' [binoptical/time-forward] 'stereo-eyes-ed' viewing on standard theater screen, using white 'sexichrome' or polarized, stereo-eyes-ed 'safety-goggles' - and advanced digital stereo surround-sound editing. [We'll keep readers informed here.]

Presently, the script has been fourth revisioned; and the music has been director-selected from three antipodal new-age composer-musicians representing Tahitian, Celtic, and American orchestral genre, and choreographed [time-sequence optimized] to precise seconds.

Strategic-Director: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, Trustee/Founder

Trustee: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS, 1996-2001

Founder: Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry, CS
Principal Successor to REV Mary Baker Eddy

The teachings herein are not secularized nor classified: Sunday School pupils, Primary Class students, Normal Class graduates, scholars, researchers, astronomers, scientists, and governments, will find this coursework timely, modern, global, historical, and democratic. The syllabus is the ALMS Program: astronomics, linguistics, mathematics, systematics ... scientific inferentiation on the Holy Biblical Scripture: 'what actually happened'.

FUNDAMENTAL CONTROVERSES: Christian Science Class Instruction * RKPetry

The Son Dey School of Christ Science

The theory of measurement propounded in this work is not to be cited (as) considering contraband or corpses; Nor are the intellectual appurtenances herein to be used for or in the commission of crimes against persons, peoples, properties, or powers (states). May your tabernacle measure true.


Copyright 1996-2001
Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry

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