Summary-Report of the Master Judge

the Millennial Calendar: a fulcrum in eternity

Ye can discern the face of the sky: but can ye not discern the signs of the times?! (MATT16:3)
DANIEL ("whose record hath God judged") shows us a portal to the final interpretation of Time.
REVELATION gives us the key by which we may mathematically reconstruct this time-line-dash.
3670BC = back-reference to the 7-MILLENNIUM BIBLE BEGINNING 3.5 millennia before DANIEL's center
Jehovah puts Adam in one-of-many-'geb'-depressions eastward in Eden, to garden his understanding
605BC-536BC = 70 years (JER), the span of the book of DANIEL: Nebuchadnezzar's captives of Jerusalem, till Cyrus' 3rd year proclamation allowing the Jews to return to rebuild the temple: "I understood by books" (DAN)
    562BC-556BC = 7 years, Nebuchadnezzar's insane demise in the wilderness; his three successors, as "branches, cut off" (DAN)
    556BC Nov. 1, a solar total eclipse sweeps along southwestern Mesopotamia: Nebuchadnezzar learns "that the heavens do rule" (DAN):- Out in the field the lonely king saw for himself the sun and sky disappear at noon, and the stars appear of six months previous, for minutes
    556BC-536BC, Nebuchadnezzar AKA Nabonaidus (DSS cave#4: possibly a pseudonym praising God for his health and return), followed by Cyrus who sent him to rule Carmania (so continuing as "the stump" that was left: DAN), till Cyrus decrees the emancipation of the Jews
536BC-170BC = 365.25 years = a year of years (self-involved) = "2300 mornings and evenings" (1150 days) of the "ancient of days" (no dark night: Mercury synodic) 116 days averaged (DAN)
170BC January, the 7-MILLENNIUM BIBLE FULCRUM-CENTER "End of Time" (DAN)
and the subsequent sacking of the Temple by Antiochus IV "Epiphanes" ("brilliant; outshining")
BY MOON: synodic months (29.5 days) 170BC-AD33 BY STARS: years (365.25 days) 170BC-AD2333
170BC-5BC = 165 years = "3.5 times" 29.5 days (synodic months) of the "ancient of days" (lesser, Venus synodic) 584 days (DAN) 170BC-AD1875 = 2044 years = "3.5 times" 365.25 days (years) of the "ancient of days" (lesser, Venus synodic) 584 days (DAN)
    7BC, multiple conjunctions of planets Jupiter tracking Saturn;

    6BC Feb., a triple "grand" conjunction finishing with Mars
    AD1861 Sep. 4-5, conjunction of sun, moon (new-unviewable), four planets, in Virgo (woman) (REV), Venus 30° in Libra (balance/book) held high in the evening, low next morning, (but actually, in the Virgo constellation and the conjunction -30° in the Leo: Zodiac precessed)
    --and 5 'months' to--
    6BC Jun.-Jul., the seminal 'descent-ascent' event
    --and 9 'months' to--
    --and 5 'years' to--
    AD1866, the seminal 'descent-ascent' event
    --and 9 'years' to--
5BC Mar.-Apr., delivery of Christ, Jesus, baby AD1875 Oct.-Nov., delivery of Christ, Science, first-edition textbook
5BC-AD33 = 37 years = 458 (synodic months), first reign of Christ, Jesus, one individual man (as one moon) (scholars' estimates) AD1875-AD2333 = 458 (years), second reign of Christ, Scientists, generic by-the-book (as many stars)
    170BC-AD1894 = 2063 years = "1290 days" of the "ancient of days" (lesser, Venus synodic) 584 days, to the erection of the stone "abomination of desolation" (DAN) Mother Church edifice
    170BC-AD1966 = 2135 years = "1335 days" of the "ancient of days" (lesser, Venus synodic) 584 days (DAN), to end of [Mother's] copyrights on Christian Science, Mother's Church Manual
    AD1910-ca AD2310 ≈ 400 years = "3.5 years ≈ 42 synodic months ≈ 1260 days" of the "bright morning star" (nearest the sun: Mercury synodic) 116 days erratic (REV), Mother in her wilderness
    ca AD2310, Church sans "ten crowns" "accepts failure" for Mother prostituted in her writings [*] and "cremates her body" (REV)
AD33 Apr. 3, "first death" crucifixion of Jesus (scholars' estimates) AD2333, "second death" end of prophecy: beginning the final millennium co-reign with Father (REV)
(cf AD33-AD87 = 666 synodic months)(AD2333-AD2999 = 666 years "seventh day" co-rule sanctification)
(cf AD87-AD114 = 333 synodic months; stone-statue worship, Baal [Marduk], Buddha;- Christian dogma, catholicism, outlawed AD112)(AD2999-AD3333 = 333 years from "10PM" new-Adam-god-dream; projects cruising the cosmo-net;- GENESIS as far-filling prophecy)
AD3330 = fore-reference to the 7-MILLENNIUM BIBLE END 3.5 millennia after DANIEL's center
* [per the doctrinal "we must accept failure" taught in Sunday School ca June 1967: This will be a Presidential decree: 35 years under duress.]

[We must note here in closing that the plausible actual would become speculative if we merely imagine what persons may have done, said, meant ... the importance is in the demonstration of the Christ Science: not to rediscover that which is today abundant, but discern and live it]

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